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rated your game. try ours at https://itch.io/jam/gamezanga7/rate/178241

I liked the game but I would have wished if I can rotate the camera using the mouse

nice work. I wish there was more levels 

nice game :)

lovely heros

I liked the visuals 

good job man. in terms of programming you did an amazing job. the game runs so smooth. keep working on it

try our game


try our game


good job

I think it needs more levels


I really truly loved the graphics and the atmosphere of the game

I loved the graphics

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very hard game

love the concept of time reverse 

very nice graphics

I am sorry I couldn't try the game since I have no Friends to play it with me right now :(

but did you find the other ending of the game?

I am really glad that you liked the game

thank you and I am glad that you liked the game

collecting coins should be fun

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and thank you :) I am really happy that you liked the game. Thank you again for playing

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if you mean the bouncy coins this is not a bug this is a feature to make collecting coins fun

the game is fantastic I loved it. just a tiny suggestion make the maze shorter