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late to the show, but this game was superb. i would love to see this series become a full fledged game. even my wallet is in agreement!

Brilliant, it reminds me of the victorian ghost story. The Four-Fiftteen Express.

will this be on sale here for drm-free players? it is on steam

Thank you, I am positive it states english. Added screenshot.

I hope you will plan to actually do english.

thank you. I have just purchased! hope it helps you get lots of other people buying it too! :-D

Stitched community · Created a new topic No pay buton

Just for your info, no pay button. impossible to purchase.

will you be putting this on sale as it is on steam?

Thank you for your reply. Sounds like very good progress. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to get my hands on the full release.

hello kamazs, hope the progress of this game is going well. any news on a release date yet?

Have you seen the steam sale theme, its very much in the style of your game.

will this be on offer like steam?

Midvinter community · Created a new topic Midvinter sale?

Hi there

Will you be putting this game up on sale like Steam? Prefer drm-free and just come across your game!

Please get back to me.


Brilliant game! Hope to see more point & click games from you! A+++

they look good, i hope these will all be on sale next time they are on steam, as they never seem to be on itch.

Thanks for reply. Loving the game. Keep up the good work.

Just purchased, looks good, will you be adding support for nintendo switch controller?

will full drm-free release come to itch?

Loving it, get your headphones on and the lights off! Delve into Uninvited!

Ahh brilliant, thanks for the reply!

Do you reflect Steam sale prices on itch? I prefer drm-free but notice on itch this rarely goes on sale?

any plans to bring full game to I would buy but only if drm-free

Firstly, thank you Dezeiraud for responding to my request on twitter and providing gamers who prefer DRM-free avenues the opportunity to play this.

Really interesting game that I greatly enjoyed playing. The newspaper clippings which provided the background to the games lore was a good touch. I would of liked a few more logic puzzles in the game as I enjoy them. 

Strangely the safe with the CD was already open for me when I got to it there was no need for the code...

Highly recommend buying this game and supporting indie developers, especially if you enjoy the short puzzle/horror games found here on itch. 

Like always my only gripe is I wish it was longer but definitely would like to see more horror puzzle games from Dezeiraud!

will the full release be coming to

PARANOIHELL community · Created a new topic steam key

shame no steam keys are offered anymore for people who buy off as they want a drm-free version but those who purchased pre-2020 get drm-free backup and steam version to play in client.

Congratulations on your huge haul of AGS awards for this game. It was Superb.

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Is the Forever Lost trilogy still available?

hello kamazs, will the full game be released on or i know its on steam but that's a no no for me.