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Thanks SirPrimalform. Much appreciated for getting this info. Yeah I prefer DRM-free and mainly use this and GOG.

Just like a steam key sometimes as well.

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Enjoyed the game, hope to see a full game from this developer soon.

Enjoy the W W Jacobs - The Monkey's Paw reference, but unashamedly the Simpson's 'Treehouse of Horror II - Monkey Paw episode' reference came to mind haha.

The Telwynium series is starting to become a real favourite of mine. Having now played the third part, I can't wait for it receive the after jam treatment of being extended.

I look forward to more installments in the future. This is the winner for me.

GOG have announced they have made it easier to publish games on their platform.

No problem, my suggestions were just recommendations. this is brilliant for a first ever gsme jam game.

followed as i love point & clicks since LucasArt games.

good luck with the jam. 

Loved the atmosphere of the mystery. I highly enjoyed this game, thank you for making it.

To improve, I would suggest being able to advanced the text by mouse click anywhere, not just on text bars. 

There were some minor issues concerning the navigation of the character, some times it would just walk up the side of the wall, and not the steps from the trapdoor, also occured at the top of the lighthouse. Character walked through the lighthouse glass.

These are just minor improvements but for me. I would recommend this as the winner so far. I am a big point & click fan though :D

Congratulations to the developer, lots of potential here.

Is this the same version as on steam?

If not, do you provide a steam key?

Will this be updated to the same version as steam?

Thanks for the reply. I hope it comes to GOG, its stupid they haven't accepted your other games. Will the full version come to if GOG refuse?

Will the full version be coming to or GOG?

Another Midnight Scenes, another brilliant story and game.

I love the Midnight Scenes, from the very first two twilight zone episodes series to it's latest instalment.

I hope it continues.

Thanks for the reply. Guybrush rules 👍

thank you, sent this morning👍🏻

Hi there,

I have just purchased Charlie II and paid enough for the expansion pack DLC also, but there is no steam key provided even though this is stated on the purchase page.

Please can you provide me with the steam key for Charlie II +  Expansion DLC.
I can email the receipt if you let me know where to email.


Will this be going on sale like Steam?

Brilliant, buying all four of your point & click games👍

No problem, just thought i would offer

All sent. :D

Hi there

I have just purchased this game on itch, cant wait to play it. I will post a review on itch for you. I am aware steam reviews provide more exposure so if you provide me a steam key I will post a review on there for you as thanks.

Anyway, no worries if not, just thought I would offer.

Just purchased game, do you offer steam keys? if so i can provide a review on steam for you. i will post a review on here after i have played but i am aware steam reviews are more important for exposure. let me know, no problem if not.

Hi there

I know the page does not state you get a key for kitsune zero on, but any change I can have one?

I have purchased your other game Midboss which gives a steam key. If you do provide these then I will be more than happy to provide a review as thanks

Anyway, thanks, I have waited to get to play these!

will you be putting these games on sale on itch, like steam?

Just bought this, been waiting for a sale. Thank you for not neglecting non-drm fans!

Hi there

Does this have Nintendo Switch controller support or keyboard support.

Kind regards

Hi, I had sent you a DM message on twitter. Cheers


is this the updated version like steam?

thanks for replying. i shall get on steam instead then. cheers.

Does this include the new DLC on steam or a steam key?

Dead Dreams game, it states you get a steam key with the purchase but the button isn't working. No key is provided when you click on the button. See below

Claim Steam key

Your purchase comes with a Steam key!

There are no keys available at this time, try again later


Dead Dreams community · Created a new topic Steam Keys

I have still not been able to get a key, the steam key button just says no keys available please try again later.

can you please help?

I purchased this last night. I loaded this update this morning and when I have my controller and mouse both in, the screen just spins to the left.

I tried re-calibrating my Nintendo Switch controller but it makes no difference, also no other game experiences this. When I disconnect my USB switch controller the screen no longer spins to the left and is fixed. Just notifying incase there is a bug that can be fixed.

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Brilliant point & click game, with an original storyline. As a veteran LucasArts & Sierra point & click gamer, I can honestly say this was something different, and something I enjoyed very much. I believe you will too!

The music, the story, the characters and the colours! They are superb and add to the atmosphere.