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Retro Brothers

A member registered Dec 20, 2017

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Plays fine on the KS2! Thanks for this lovely game!

Love it! Thanks man! Was able to compete now on some leaderboard thingy 馃槃

First of all my mouse is fine on the ks2 running the current state of the game. And its a lot of fun! But I do noticed a little issue. I was rewarded an extra city while already having 6 cities. After my 6 cities then were wiped I could continue the game with a ghost city probably sitting outside of view. Could basicly run the game forever, score points forever as the mystery city you can't see, also can't be destroyed :)

oh just noticed the NextBasic 2.06 message

Aw, on my ks2, when enemies walk up the stairs, they keep on walking up ignoring the playing field. Then they get all the way to the top of the screen and then out of bounds resulting in a B Integer out of range, 255:1

Don't know if it is just me but I find the scrolling or probably the game speed to be very jittery on my ks2 machine. It slows down when firing for example. But when not a lot is happening it speeds up quite a lot. 

Compared this to the youtube footage from ks1 machines from 2 years ago and their scrolling seems slower but stable. Tried 50hz and 60hz, didn't make much of a difference in stability. Slowing down the next to 14mhz remedies the issue somewhat, but probably makes the game run too slow overall and it seems to reset to 28mhz on every new game start, so is not a  fun workaround

am i missing something or is the game just no longer working that well with ks2 machines or newer core versions or something?

Great port! Love it.

Found  a couple of tiny little issues with it, so made a video to identify and show. Especially the one where the bomb goes missing is interesting I suppose. 

Hope it helps in any future patching of the game. Cheers!