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First of all my mouse is fine on the ks2 running the current state of the game. And its a lot of fun! But I do noticed a little issue. I was rewarded an extra city while already having 6 cities. After my 6 cities then were wiped I could continue the game with a ghost city probably sitting outside of view. Could basicly run the game forever, score points forever as the mystery city you can't see, also can't be destroyed :)

Thanks for the heads up.   And for the comments - glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Hmmm, not sure why that should happen...   It only has an array of 6 cities. lol!  Must be a counter value issue.  This was written in NextBasic 2.07 - I wonder if  the updated 2.08 has changed something in NextBasic that is causing an issue?  I'll take a peek when I get time... :)

Alternatively there's a code breakdown 'How the game works' PDF if you wanted to take a peek at the Basic code and mess around.  Think of it as the bonus 'puzzle game' where you have to find and fix a bug...  lol! :D