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is there an easy way to make an input tile seamlessly? If not, please add something like that

Or something more advanced

I want to create a seamlessly tiling animated noise texture

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My particles spawn outside of their spawn area and there are some additional ghost particles for the first few frames. 
I think the ghost particles are caused by the particles still existing when the animation is starting from the start again.
I would expect them all to get cleaned up tho?

Also, is there a way to automatically set the animation length to be how ever long it takes for all particles to die out?

Nothing is happening when I launch it

How do I add fluid to the fluid domain?

The latest patch seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks

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ah cool.
Sadly the sprite sheet render seems to have the same issue and is missing frames?
What am I doing wrong? I didnt change the default settings. Frame step is 1.
Looking forward to your fix.

Also my export node doesnt seem to work all the time. The file just doesnt appear sometimes. Even though I click on render and it also shows the export as being completed in the logs.

See here: The export to desktop worked kind of, but the exports to the projects folder didnt. The export.png never appeared. And also see how the sprite sheet is all wrong and missing frames

I made a particle animation I wanted to export as an animated gif. It looks fine in all previews but the exported sprite on disk has only like 4 of the 15 frames. It skipped a lot of frames?

Also, is there a way to export as a single sprite sheet png, instead of a sequence of seperate pngs?

Game Maker Studio

how do I toggle fullscreen?

very impressive


Hello sorry for the late response.
This is a problem with the latest Windows 10 update. Please start the game in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

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Thank you.
I think someone did this already. The songs can also be found as standalone files in the game's zip.

The sound tracks are custom made music specifically for this game. They don't have a name.

Game Maker Studio

Thank you for calling us talented :D
We're students who developed this project as a semester project and not for profit.

Please report Bugs here and give Feedback. If you think something is missing please let me know. But no big changes of course.

Thank you very much!

Probably your pc isn't powerful enough.
Do you have a dedicated GPU? Do you use a laptop?
Do you know how many fps you get?

Hey, Jonathan here :)

I used Game Maker Studio for Shell Shift. I learned a lot about Shaders while working on Shell Shift, a lot of visual effects use simple pixel shaders, for example the reflections, rain, corpses or character lights.

The artists used various programs to create the assets we needed and the music was done by Cyrano using Ableton I think.

The biggest challenge for art and programming was probably the perspective that brought a lot of problems.

We had about 2 months for the development.

Awesome Video! Had much fun watching it and some of your feedback was taken into account for the last updates.