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Man, talk about polish. I freaking love this game! Really inspired me to make a dungeon crawling game. 

If you don't mind asking (and is still active here), How did you do the item seal feature? where you need an item to make equipment permanent. Tried to figure it out myself but can't find the solution. thanks for your time!

hi there ava!
just tested this plugin and it works great!

was wondering if it's possible to make the weakness/strength unlocked after defeating the enemy? right now the weakness/strength is always visible from the start.

thank you!

hi isabella, Therrao here. tried the licensed version but the comeback point modifier through state isn't working, and also if i put 0 on default comeback time every character still can comeback for some reason.

hi there, i tried to attach the input into PgUp/Down but realized it's not supported. Is there any way you might update this? Thank you!

Oh my! For someone who's developing alone, and having a hard time to create SE, this is quite promising. Will try it later!

ooh this looks so cool! i'll give it a try!

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Hello there! We're ROSDev, a small aspiring  and still learning game developer.

We are recently released a demo for our continuation project called Resonance Of The Soul: Fragments Of The Past or FOTP in short.

FOTP is a JRPG game with turn-based battle system that focused on Buff and Debuff aspect of battle. It's fairly simple battle system and quite easy.

But we also focused on the story aspect, and since we're not a native speaker of english, we apologize for many errors in it. But we're trying our best to improve it over time!

So what can you expect from this demo:

  • A prologue/Opening story
  • 5 Guild Contract Quests, each with its own characteristics.
  • 5 Radiant/repeatable side quests
  • Learn about the main character personality
  • 15-30 minutes of gameplay.

I hope you will check it out and give it a chance, we're looking for feedback to improve our game. Thank you!

Get it here!

hi there, your DM is not open, i can only tweet to you.

hi there, i recently purchased your plugin but i tried the plugin commands and even the script but it doesn't work.

hi there, did you manage to find out how to use it?

i contacted you via email :)

great plugin! i can see myself using this for my game. been looking for this kind of stuffs for a long time.

by the way, do you open for plugin commission?