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oh wow thanks! I (resni) care a ton about making music I like so that's naturally a big priority for me, honestly with the sfx a lot of them are from sfx generators on but then it goes through a plugin to make them sound more analog/earthy/distant


thanks yeah there will be a few of them in the final game :3


not at the moment! but there will be a soundtrack released when the full game is

Aww, thank you :)

glad you're digging it!!!

thanks so much! kind words like that really help us :)



<3 !

thank you a bunch! :3 we actually made this in Stencyl, which exports to multiple platforms including html5 for browsers.

thanks! we're working on it ;3

Aww thank you!



oh great! hehe OwO

Glad you had fun, until it crashed oh no! I wonder what the cause was.

Aww, thank you!!

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This is a lot of feedback! Thanks for the well wishes ^w^

Everything's subject to change but we feel confident we'll get things ironed out in a way we're happy with! And no there won't be characters from other games.

glad you enjoy our games so much!! <3 thanks for all the input!

yeah the full game will have more depth for sure :3 and there will be difficulty settings including invincibility. there will probably be some wlw sorts of lewd content but the overall focus will be more on mlm sorts of lewd content.

Aww thanks so much, glad you liked it :)

oh no! hehe, thanks a bunch :)

yeah a lot of the game will change for the final build for sure!

ahhh thank youuu! ...we'll try!

thank you!

Thanks :)

Yeah the higher your defense the more blocks you can do! We might add something here and there but basically just hit the enemies until they die.

Thanks for the comment and kind words :)

Thanks so much! Yeah, we're planning that if you buy the game on itch it will come with a steam key so you could download it on steam as well.

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Wow, thanks so much for saying that! :)

cute kats!

aaah thank youuu :3 it's been a lot of work to get it to this point!

<3 <3

thankssss I'm glad it's satisfying! :D

ahhh thank you! absolutely fucking insane is a descriptor that makes me happy to hear x3 haha

thank you! yeah, I (resni is typing this) have a huge soft spot for megaman so I guess it came out lol

sounds about right, weird game by weird people haha! thanks!

thankkkkksss ! :3

thank you so much!! :3 yeah it's a really unique game haha, not necessarily by design but I guess because we're weird! there's a lot going on in it so it makes me happy when the different parts of it are able to resonate at once with someone!