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All that said, we are hoping to return to Spice in August-ish

Hehe, good to hear! We are planning on getting back to Spice after we release our other game (Stardust Demon), but it also kind fo depends on how successful that game is. We're trying to do gamedev full time as our number 1 priority and Spice is kind of niche, so we want to make sure we have some stability first.

yeah, unfortunately the html version can get laggy with the effects and stuff. It should run quite a bit smoother if you download it, just fyi :)

thanks so much! glad you like it <3

hmm about getting laggy, is it with the downloadable version or the in-browser version?

aww thank you so much! we're really glad you enjoyed it :)

no problem, and thank you!

this is the link to our other project if youre interested! (wishlists help!)

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Aww thanks!! And there definitely will be, we're still working on a complete game thats actually really big! We are focussing a bit on a side project to drum up support/sales to help us finish it in the meantime, but the full Spice Sacrifice is quite far along :)

No, it will not happen.

No version for phones, sorry!


thank you so much!! also it's awesome you're a mimiga, really funny coincidence because we're actually currently also doing a side project that's pretty cave story inspired! (we'll reveal it fairly soon hopefully)

Hmmm sorry no clue how to fix that, but you can just download it and play it that way, or try on another browser or computer.

thanks a bunch!

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We really don't know what the cause of the issue could be, sorry.

I'm not aware of this bug! Would you be able to tell me little more about it? Does it do it at any particular point in the game, or does it continually do it when it loads up? Also, what version of windows do you have?

Thanks :)

glad you like the aesthetic and stuff!!

we didn't want the demo to be too complicated, but don't worry the actual game is going to have much more strategy, variety, and leveling up (in multiple ways).


ahhh thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


oh wow thanks! I (resni) care a ton about making music I like so that's naturally a big priority for me, honestly with the sfx a lot of them are from sfx generators on but then it goes through a plugin to make them sound more analog/earthy/distant


thanks yeah there will be a few of them in the final game :3


not at the moment! but there will be a soundtrack released when the full game is

Aww, thank you :)

glad you're digging it!!!

thanks so much! kind words like that really help us :)



<3 !

thank you a bunch! :3 we actually made this in Stencyl, which exports to multiple platforms including html5 for browsers.

thanks! we're working on it ;3

Aww thank you!



oh great! hehe OwO

Glad you had fun, until it crashed oh no! I wonder what the cause was.

Aww, thank you!!