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Love this conversion, Ali. Thanks for the effort!

It was a lovely entry and an original idea! We appreciate the time and effort the Megastyle team took to make this. Thank-you!

This is fantastic, Sarah. Congrats on the release!

Great effort Jason!!  Looks like a great port

A nicely made and playable C64 version of Missile Command. Love the mouse control!! Well done!

Looks to be a very nice game. Just gave it a quick go and will definately come back. Very polished!  Congratulations :-)

Lovely little casual game. Cool graphics and parallax effect! Nicely produced :-)

Just had a quick go on a real C64. It's lovely!! Love the concept and am looking forward to playing more. Congratulations!

Awesome work Rob, a great achievement. Can't wait to check it out as soon as I get my Next!!

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Hi Epsilon. Thanks for your interest. We will be printing #15 and the upcoming #16 together in Australia to save costs, as soon as #16 is ready (mid-year hopefully), and they will be shipped from Australia. Keep an eye on the Reset social media for more news when they are released. Reset #14 was only available from Protovision as they printed and distributed the issue themselves.

Bugger! Has your game released yet? I would love to see it!

Really interesting game and well executed! Definitely compelled to play further :-)

Absolutely! Keep an eye on our social media channels for a heads up when it's available.

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Thank-you for your support!!  We hope you enjoyed the issue :-)

Happy New Year to you!

Cheers Saberman! Any chance for Synthia 2 to feature on IRN?

Yes, highly likely.

Absolutely amazing release. Thank-you for supporting the retro scene and taking the time to produce such a polished and stunning game. Looking forward to the physical version. Expect to see a full review in the next Reset :-

Thanks Merman!

Thank-you. This is Kevin (Reset64 editor) here. Derek, the coder and designer of GMD, does read and appreciate these comments 😊

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You both make good points. In our defence, it's the only screen in the entire level where you would possibly need to jump to access the next screen, so it's really the only choice remaining and the only one that would risk a life. It was to encourage exploration and risk taking. We have included a map pack so hopefully you can still enjoy the game.  If not, thanks for the feedback and for trying our game. Hopefully our next game is more to your liking :-)

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Thank-you! Love the video! All diamond and key bugs should be fixed with the latest version. Unfortunately, your video is now wrong for level one (and possibly some others). There was a bug which meant you didn't have to collect all the diamonds to pass the level. This has now been fixed. Sorry about that :-/


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It should work. Have you got all of the diamonds/keys? On the second screen, there is another screen to the right that people miss. You need to jump off the tree branch. It's a tough one, you have to take a leap of faith! The YouTube video was of a version which contained a bug, which meant you could complete the level without finding all of the diamonds.

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Hi. Sorry for the late reply, I only just discovered this message. Did you get this sorted? If not, I'll take a look over the weekend ! As for mem, you only require bank 0.

Really, really slick!! loving the sensi feel and the depth. Will be reviewed in the next Reset mag

A great little game. Took me a few minutes to work out, but after that I was off. Lovely presentation and fun gameplay. Played on Evercade Indie Heroes 1 cart :-)

Looks really nice!!  Hopefully see this on on a future Evercade cart?

Deadeus community · Created a new topic Evercade!

Gave this game a play for most of the morning on the Evercade Indie Heroes Collection. Quite a nice game, well done!

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Played this on Evercade. Cool game!!  Well presented and fun gameplay :-)

This is soooooo good! Thanks :-)

Cheers Marco!

Hope so! Keep an eye on our FB or Twitter accounts.

Thanks for your hard work compiling the disk, Richard!

Thank-you. It's a pleasure

Full issue to be released this Friday (15th April) UK time!!

Hi drmortalwombat,

We love your games at Reset Magazine and hope to see more. We were hoping to get your permission to put Plekthora on our coverdisk, it's a good fun retro shooter. Reset is a free digital mag made for the Commodore 64 community :-)  Congrats again on your fantastic games!

I haven't received anything. Please resend and I will pass any emails on to Derek :-)


Thanks Marco!

Thank-you :-)