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Downloaded and loving it!

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Just revisited this game. It's absolutely amazing!

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to it :-)

Hi, I bought the physical release from Poly.Play. Does the physical edition come with a digital download that I can play while I wait?

Nice one, Reaper. I'm looking forward to checking out these SEUCK creations!

Still loving this game Graham! Played it again over the past few days. Any specific updates in the 2019 edition file?

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Thank-you! Alex and Richard did a great job putting it together :-)

Thanks, enjoy the issue :-)

Cheers! Hope you enjoy the issue :-)

Thanks mate, appreciated!

Yes for sure, we're working on it :-) Prints of #12 and #13 are coming!

Great release!

Hi Sarah. A big ask, but I was wondering if you would consider releasing an official version with a disk high-score saver? Thanks again for the amazing game!

Great stuff, Sarah. This is fantastic! Thanks for the massive effort of putting this together. A physical edition would be great (Zeta Wing/Neutron double cart!).

Really nice/fun casual game and a great upgrade from the 4kb compo version. Job well done!!

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You'll need to email me.

Haha, Roy I can't wait to give this a try!!

Craptastic was your idea and you pushed me to do it. Thank-you for that! :-)

Quite amazing! It's incredible what can be achieved in 4kb!

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ZIP archive of all games will be available straight after the deadline has passed :-)

All our stuff is 'Pay what you like' anyway, but happy to be included. This is our latest release:

Gotta say I love Pico8!!  Perfect format for casual games like this too!

Nice one Roy, and thanks for the greet :-)

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Absolutely awesome!! Love the soundtrack too :-)

Absolutely!!  I have a few that are definitely my favourites but there are so many good ones, and even the games I don't like are bloody impressive efforts!

Will be a week or two at least I think, but Richard is already onto it!

Absolutely brilliant! My favourite 'Roysterini' game!