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Really nice/fun casual game and a great upgrade from the 4kb compo version. Job well done!!

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You'll need to email me.

Haha, Roy I can't wait to give this a try!!

Craptastic was your idea and you pushed me to do it. Thank-you for that! :-)

Quite amazing! It's incredible what can be achieved in 4kb!

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ZIP archive of all games will be available straight after the deadline has passed :-)

All our stuff is 'Pay what you like' anyway, but happy to be included. This is our latest release:

Gotta say I love Pico8!!  Perfect format for casual games like this too!

Nice one Roy, and thanks for the greet :-)

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Absolutely awesome!! Love the soundtrack too :-)

Absolutely!!  I have a few that are definitely my favourites but there are so many good ones, and even the games I don't like are bloody impressive efforts!

Will be a week or two at least I think, but Richard is already onto it!

Absolutely brilliant! My favourite 'Roysterini' game!