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After some more searching i found it! Also found the one at kurbelthors hideout which yukine created to trach mel a lesson while looking for the missing trace haha

That one though doesnt seem to have any major impact on anything am i right? Im no asking for exact locations but are there any more traces at random places that dont really matter in terms of devotion points or plot and are just there for lore or background info like the one at the hideout? I mean you could totally miss that one and i dont see any downside to it...

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Oh okay! I remember that when the corruption was talking about tracing but i must have missed the window then, thanks alot!

Hmm i got the "lie to yukine" devotion point and then when i go through the next one i get is the "defend my ideals". Im missing "complete the trace in order" can someone tell me how to get this one? There dont seem to be any choices in between there and i couldnt find any traces anymore there....

Just a question to a mechanic, but slight spoiler warning.

Is it just a design choice to color some words on the second day when you talk with John about what sports you picked? Or is there actually a meaning behind the coloring ; like when you pick that you "dont want to talk about it" and "i yield" option. The "coward" is blue and the "scared" is red. Does red mean like its locking you out of Johns route or is it just to indicate that he didnt like that? And the brave and confident blue ones that he likes that and you can go on and maybe go on his route? 

tldr; is it just design that he liked something or not, or is it actually showing you that you fucked up and that those are really important choices?

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Honestly doesn't matter what order you play the routes in, but personally i would put TJ last cause its like the most chill out of every route and you might get the wrong idea of the game if you just play his route and nothing else. I would put Leo first cause its like the go2 route to go and it captures echo well. After that it doesn't really matter which ones you play. I would go for route 65 after echo so you have some more background wich is nice, i think it would have felt out of place not having the knowledge of route 65 in one route specifically. (Route 65 is also pretty short and all routes there are more or less the same so you can go through it quite quickly)

Tsm i would read after Echo and route 65, cause it fills the gaps nicely which you will have after Echo. 

About arches idk, haven't played it yet but will do soon!

Yeaaa the sad Background music gets me every time too, ive completed differnt routes and everything and also updated the game multiple times (Had to do a fresh download cause it broke for me at the 50th version.) But the sad Background music is still there but so are my saves and all the gallery pics. I guess that save data is located somewhere else in the local disk or something

i instantly bought one, this was an amazing idea, shipping is long but ill wait patiently! ^^

I cant seem to get rid of it too.... im on a whole different route now too !

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Ive noticed that there are Shoichi and Yuuichi Telegram stickers already but there are none for any other of the chars as far as i know. If anyone is interessted in a Jun pack (just as myself) here you go! (Made it myself but all of the Art belongs to the games Artists!)

Shoichi and Yuui-kun here too if you want them ^^

Oh, ive been here earlier last year and things are moving now i see!! Keep it up! :3 

Who knows what possible in the soul room XD

oh god

Ohhhh i liked this one very much!! 

Im always hesitant to download when i see a rather small file size cause i dont wanna be disappointed right after the intro with a to be continued screen but i have to say, there is alot of content to be read here! I will look forward to the next update! 

And btw wooow either it is intended that way or im reaaaally good at avoiding nsfw scenes here xD- i had to practically search for those "dongs" and i only stumbled into the napping scene with burry after after going again and alot later i ran into Alons table, im not sure if there are currently any more scenes but i would love to know ^^

Aaand is there a way to review the scenes again? Like a gallary of sorts? I noticed it said that the scenes have been added or smth but i cant seem to locate them ^^"

Keep it up!~

WOW i just read though it all in 2 days now and i really liked it! I know it said it contained gore but i got pretty surprised at first when the gore happend but its cool as it is :D

The art is really something else too, i dont know any other visual novel with HAND drawn art, its something you have to get used to but i learned to love it now! I also really liked the character development and plots and im looking forward for the next update! ^^

I do have one suggestion to improve the feeling a little... when you die in a battle, would it be possible to get set back to like the beginning of the fight and not the main menu? I mean its not the end of the world you can (and probably should) just save before every major enemy encounter buuuuut it really set me back because at first i was playing this game a long time at once and didn't feel like i needed to save cause i wasn't going to quit any time soon but then i died and had to skip though all of it and do like 3 or 4 fight again ^^"

Its really just for comfort but what can i say, otherwise it was great! Keep it up ^^ 


One question remains for me though ^^"

Are there any nsfw events planned? (Just curious because the bonding between eric and blu is getting real tight ^^") I wouldn't mind but i can understand if you wann keep it "sfw" ish... i mean... the other kind of nsfw with the gore stuff ^^

Well, that's it for me, cya till the next update~

Ill keep an eye out for this one for sure! As far as the description goes and the pics look here it looks great! I dont know if i wanna spoil myself with the Demo yet or rather wait more to play more of it at once later.... i hope you will countinue this Game and dont get Overloaded with it! Single man projects are tedious so take your time, the worst things ever is to see such a project die down sooooo even small steps are okay! :3 (Imo)

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Oh this sounds interesting! But will there only be  tora, juuichi and tatsuki? Im one of the Shin fanboys and i would really really love to see him back! I can imagine there could be a continuation after SPOILER AHEAD

 the Kiss at the end from the original game when Hiro left with the Bus! 

Maybe give a option in the beginning to choose which character you had your expiriences with in the original game and then go from there.

(I havent played your game yet)

would really want that too!

Still have this error too, im using samsung galaxy 7 (not edge). I didnt have any issues with other apks. (The google drive version doesnt work too :/)

quick report : Android version doesnt work, at least for me. When i open the app there is just a big black square with white borders. Thought it may need time to load but after reinstalling twice and waiting for 5 mins i gave up. 

Hope there is a way to fix this issue , really looking forward to play your game :>

Wow nice ! Going to get it soon, thanks! Youre about to make my life lose some more days :)

would love to play it , hope android comes soon too 

this got said before but please please please release an android apk

ive read a few visual novels by now and i must say, im impressed. this got me hooked so hard i just couldnt stop reading so my journey was over after 2 days but iam looking forward to the updates! But its not perfect, i would like some more choice options, it really does feel more like a book than a visual novel in which you can choose your way and it feels like the choices you do choose from really dont have that much impact. But that doesnt make the game itself any worse. Because of the amazingly written story i didnt feel like it was that bad to not have that many choices but still, i guess i would like it to be more interactive ^^ Keep it up!