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would love to play it , hope android comes soon too 

Android's now available!

Wow nice ! Going to get it soon, thanks! Youre about to make my life lose some more days :)

Happy to help!

quick report : Android version doesnt work, at least for me. When i open the app there is just a big black square with white borders. Thought it may need time to load but after reinstalling twice and waiting for 5 mins i gave up. 

Hope there is a way to fix this issue , really looking forward to play your game :>

me too

I'll redownload it and check what the problem may be, but I tested it on several devices without any issue; the game may take longer to load on some devices, but I haven't experienced any last upwards of a minute, let alone five. Thank you for letting me know, I'll look into it.

I still haven't been able to replicate the error, but I'll try packaging another build for you; hopefully that helps.

Here's a link to an alternate android build; if it  says the document is lo longer available, tap open in browser, then it should start downloading. Let me know if you experience an issue.

blackscreen it not working.