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thank you mr potato brain for the review i enjoyed every second of it, have a great day

I love it!

Most of these are now fixed! Thank you :)

I made it out!
This was a really fun game and I really enjoyed it! The core mechanics were fluid and felt nice to play and move around, the art had a consistent style and overall the game felt really polished.

There were some bugs which may have been intentional perhaps, but if you activate a  turn wheel then restart a level you can still rotate said turn wheel and causes some weird results when you can turn 2 wheels at the same time. That was the only bug I found which says a lot about how polished this is!

I do have a few suggestions however:

at the start of the game I struggled getting out of the first zone because I had no clue there was a wall jump mechanic, unless i missed a dialogue box you should make the player aware in the description of the game or notify the player in-game. And lastly I also didn't know the difference between a wheel you could turn with z/x or just a regular flip with e, so just contrasting them better with maybe a change of colours to the red yellow and blue would make it more obvious that it was a different object.

Overall this was a great game! I really enjoyed it to the end, good job! :)

Thank you! :)

Yeah, maybe I should make the player teleport back to 0,0 if they fall out the map, would solve a lot of frustration. But in the future once the jam has been judged, I'll make sure the collision is perfect :) 

Thanks for the superb feedback!
The WebGL build proved to be a lot buggier than the editor version so falling out of the map problems were quite common. Also, thanks for pointing out the errors with mesh collisions, this time I was experimenting with creating my own models and using the mesh collider however due to some of the normals of my object facing the wrong way weird collision errors appeared. 

Oh and I uploaded the wrong build so the timer doesn't actually make you lose, I'll have to fix all the bugs as soon as the Jam is judged. 

Thanks for the suggestions too! They're really good and I'll consider it!

I really love the mechanic! It's super unique and would be really fun to see a full game utilising it! The art style is really great also, especially enjoyed the main character. Only problems i had is sometimes the collision won't detect the vacuum and will just stay there still. But other than that I really enjoyed it!

Thanks! yeah, only after building to WebGL did the collision errors appear.

But glad you enjoyed it! I sure enjoyed learning lots from making it!

I enjoyed this much more than I should have. 

The art is really great and the jokes actually cracked me up lol. And the options of what to do in quarantine are very similar to my own schedule currently.

I'm not too sure if it's a draft or it's been completed but It's a shame you only had a small demo, it would be nice to see a longer version :)

(1 edit)

Thanks for pointing it out! I'll check it out!

Edit: The tutorial has a few logic checks that disable tanning, so what probably happened is that you clicked the flip button slightly too early so charlmes doesn't detect the man as being "tanned enough"

I'll fix the bug once the has finished being judged! Thank you for the report ;)

Thanks for the feedback! I did dabble with the idea of each day the duck overlord will want a different type of human with a different amount of  tan but it was a bit out of the scope for the amount of time I had on my hands.