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This is a great looking set, but not for gameboy dev (just as a heads up for anyone else who made the mistake I made).

The sprites (as they are) require 5 colours in the palette allowing for the transparency. I’d love to see an update to get the sprites using the 4 colour palette (really 3 + transparent).

I’ve noticed that when I hit random over and over (the full version), it seems to only randomise a limited number of facets. Like shoulders don’t change, or feet or legs.

It also looks like when randomising, it doesn’t select the newly random selected item. i.e. if I’m on the hat tab, and hit random, the newly drawn hat isn’t selected (making it tricky to adjust and revert).

Oh - I love it!

Love it - great work :) I’ve literally just published an update that fixes a some bugs around the custom theme (around the palette getting lost).

You’re welcome :) And thank you for the donation/support 👍

Just for your own record, level 95 completely broke me! Took me 53 minutes to solve 😵‍💫

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Love the game. Loaded it up and instantly lost and hour and got to level 13 and definitely feeling getting progressively harder. Great stuff - strong recommend!

Really enjoying this game - found it Retro Magazine #7.

I’m playing on a MiSTer core (actually on a NeptUNO, but extremely similar), and I’ve found that the ship’s sound cuts out shortly into the level. It’ll return when I pick up a fuel boost or the next level starts (but not when I die).

Otherwise, really really enjoyable - strong recommend 👍

Thank you for the vote of confidence :) I decided to go with “Go Mummy!” after much discussion with my kids and partner :)

It made more sense with respect to the story I’ve created for the game, whereas Oh Remmy would need something new and I wasn’t sure what it would be. But at least that final bit is in place now, and it’s a week of play testing to hammer out any last minute bugs!

I’d given some thought to that already, but the problem isn’t the sound competing (or in the case of nextdaw and beepfx), it’s that the beeper is blocking the CPU for the game to carry on with gameplay.

For my case (a high speed game) the only option is interrupt driven sound (as the music works already). Or abort the SFX altogether.

I’m doing some research on how to write Next drivers, I’m not super hopeful, but it’s definitely a viable avenue…

Thanks for the suggestion though 👍