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NaNoRenO is over, and we'd like to hear from the participants how things went!   We're collecting postmortems written by any of the participants, whether you made it to the end or not.   Any team that submits a postmortem to us on Twitter using the #VNDev tag or tell us on the Devtalk+ Discord  will be eligible for interviews that will be recorded for future VNDev jams.

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It will be available on both once it's complete!

This year, Devtalk is hosting a NaNoRenO online Meet and Greet to help people find teams and resources they need to participate in #NaNoRenO2019.    

We'll be holding 3 sessions at 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 8:00 PM EST.  You can drop by for one or all three and talk with other Nano participants, share resources, guides and tutorials and work out your ideas and team needs with us.

You can join us and set yourself up with your roles here:

This build fixes issues with some of the option menu issues regarding saving and loading player settings.   They should should stick around properly now and reload when you restart the game.