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Amazing concept, amazing art, amazing story, amazing characters...

I was confused by the visual novel and clicker game mix at first;  however it worked really well. I loved everything about the game, and the ending(s) was satisfying even though the characters were interesting enough for me to want to know what might happen next. I love how well written all of the dialogue is. [idk if the names are spoilers] Y. is awkward, but none of his behavior is so strange that it doesn't make sense(I could kind of say the same for C. and E., but they are all awkward in very different ways). I fell in love with everyone. I usually dislike characters like R., but for some reason I feel like he was different, because I loved him (maybe he wasn't too obnoxious or extremely ridiculous with his behavior?). I could go on about each character, but I've already written quite a lot. I just want to say that the part with awkwardly cute hand holding was my favorite. 

One thing I didn't understand- You are prompted to continue harvesting each type of berry after you get all that you need. I don't understand this from a gameplay perspective, but the way it is presented in the story makes sense, so I'm not really upset about it.

Also, I love how you turned a very cliche story on its head and were able to do so in such an original way.

Thank you for telling me about minesweeper. Also, I cant figure out if i can edit my review to add text to it(on mobile) so here:

Honestly, I loved that every puzzle made sense. Some were really hard to figure out, but I never felt like the correct way to find a solution was by brute-forcing my way through. Instead i just had to re-think and try to look at it in another way. I also enjoyed the bit of story in there. Definitely one of the best free games I have ever played and THE BEST calculator I have played :P. Oh, and I never encountered any bugs(as far as I know).

Sweet! Great game! Should i play through again to see what happens when you beat minesweeper?

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when it displays "With help from <x>" , is that the end?  I can get a few odd numbers from calculations, but I can't seem to do anything with them.