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Hola! I don't mind the video at all! Though I found myself more embarrassed than I expected over someone making a video to critique the game!

Having watched it, overall 2 things stand out to me: you said the backgrounds felt off to you, and you also felt the CG's were zoomed in too much. I'll keep those in mind when starting back up development and opening the Patreon. 

Also, I'm glad you liked the colors. Those won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

The critique video is much appreciated! Thank you very much!

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Hola! Reminiscent 64 is currently working on a game called "Unsound Minds: The Clarevine Epoch". It's an 18+ game that is the first piece of a story I intend to tell in the world of Unsound Minds and is the result of combining H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and Dream Cycle with the Christian Mythos to tell a compelling story.

Right now, it's just a visual novel. You can find a rather tame demo here, if you're interested. But I'm currently lining things up for a Kickstarter campaign to finish the rest of The Clarevine Epoch and I've decided one of the stretch goals will be to instead make it as a full-blown traditional video game.

This video game is planned to have a 3D, semi-open world version not unlike Breath of the Wild along with some old-school sprite sections that are not unlike Oracle of Ages or A Link to the Past. Then, there will also be a "Visual Novel Mode" of the game that is like the visual novels you see today.

So to make creating this 3D game possible in the event we reach the stretch goal, I am looking for various specialists from Concept Artist to Character Animator, and so on. You can find what exactly I'm looking for towards the bottom of this post. It's also worth noting the game will be made in the Unity Game Engine.

Keep in mind, because this is a stretch goal, you will not be paid until the Kickstarter succeeds and we've hit the stretch goal to make a full-blown video game. This also means that I will not make you do any work until the Kickstarter succeeds and we've hit the stretch goal to make a full-blown video game. So, if we hit the stretch goal, great! We'll be working together to bring the vision I have for The Clarevine Epoch to life! If we don't hit the stretch goal, then there's no harm and no foul. We'll go about our merry ways until another opportunity to make a full-blown video game presents itself.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments or email them and I'll answer them as best I can!

If you think you'd be a good fit, you can either email me at or talk to me on Discord at NocturneLight#5286. Either way, let's talk. We can come to an agreement on a price for your work so that I can include it in the stretch goal price.

EDIT: Due to lack of interest in the various positions, I'm scaling down the stretch goal and going to try something smaller. However, I fully intend to make a 3D game at some point in the future. So, if you happen to ever come across this post, definitely get in touch with me if your work aligns with any of the job descriptions.

EDIT EDIT: Pixel Artist position has been filled! Thanks all!

I'm currently looking for the following:

Concept Artist: As the Concept Artist, you will be creating a tangible look for a variety of characters, monsters, levels, and scenes in the game that everyone else on the team will try to translate to the 3D realm. Your art will also serve another purpose. It will be used for the Visual Novel version of the game; sprites, backgrounds, scenes and all.

Pixel Artist: As the Pixel Artist, you'll be creating character and level art reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

3D Character Modeler: As the 3D Character Modeler, you will be taking concept art of various characters, or possibly even monsters, and bringing it to life in 3D for use in the Unity Game Engine.

Character Rigger: As the Character Rigger, you will be responsible for forming the skeleton of each character model, NPC model, or possibly even monster models, for use in the Unity Game Engine, so that the Character Animator will be able to create animations for said models.

Character Animator: As the Character Animator, you'll be taking the rigged characters, NPC's, or possibly even monster models, and creating believable animations for a variety of their movements for use in the Unity Game Engine.

3D Level Designer: As the 3D Level Designer, you will be taking concept art of levels and bringing it to life in 3D for use in the Unity Game Engine.

UI Artist: As the UI Artist, you will be designing the look of the menus and such for the game in the Unity Game Engine.

Shading and Effects Artist: As the Shading and Effects Artist, you will be creating a unique and stylized look for the world and characters in the Unity Game Engine. At the moment, the goal will be to achieve an in-game look as close to the concept art as possible.

Foley Artist: You will be creating the sounds that make a game feel believable. From recreating real world sounds like footsteps to crafting completely new sounds that give life to eldritch abominations, this is what you'll be doing as a Foley Artist.

Artificial Intelligence Programmer: As the Artificial Intelligence Programmer, you'll be handling NPC logic. That is to say you'll be developing the logic behind computer characters inside and outside of battle. Since we're using the Unity Game Engine, knowledge in C# and Unity is a must.

General Programmer: I'm a programmer, but because I'm stuck communicating with everyone, handling social media, and just trying to make everything flow smoothly in general, I'm not going to be able to spend as much time as I'd like doing programming on the game. Not only that, but I may hit a roadblock trying to implement something, or accidentally implement something in a less-than-ideal way. So as a General Programmer, you'll be picking up the slack left behind by me, combine our brains to get past the roadblocks of game programming, and work with me to handle all other aspects of programming not covered by the A.I. programmer. Since we're using the Unity Game Engine, knowledge in C# and Unity is a must. Knowledge in physics and math is a plus since those are my weak-points, but that knowledge is not required.