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Would it be possible to add a feature to duplicate multiple nodes at once? For what I've see it's only possible to duplicade one node at a time.

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In all seriousness now, I think the point of having visual elements is to make it acessible for not blind people too. Look it this way: If you have a blind friend, you could share this game with him and both YOU and HIM could experience the same game.

So you have a game in common you could talk about with said friend(even tho you both experienced them in diferent way). Imo that is pretty cool.

For not blind people

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Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! The last piece of control to be lost is always the "Flying Kick" ability wich has a auto-target mechanic toward objects in the game, so it should not be possible for you to get stuck because you're  left with only one input.

You can use WASD and JK instead

Maneirão o jogo! Conseguir completar ele e vou deixar uns feedbacks aqui:

  • Trabalhar melhor o feedback visual e auditivo quando vc contra-ataca um inimigo(talvez um brilho na tema ou coisa parecida). Ah, o mesmo vale pra o feedback de quando vc toma dano. Pro dano tomado acho que um efeito de slowmotion e um brilho vermelho na tela ficaria maneiro.
  • Achei o padrão dos inimigos meio repetitivo (poucos inimigos difentes e inimigos em excesso)
  • Acho que dava pra diminuir o tempo de intervalo entre ataques do inimigo e até aumentar a velocidade da animação de ataque deles. Quando você erra o contra-ataque pode ser meio chato ficar esperando até o inimigo fazer um novo ataque pra você tomar uma ação (principalmente pra inimigos com ataques vermelhos,)
  • Uma coisa que acho que seria super maneira seria fazer o personagem se mover automaticamente em direção ao inimigo atacando e mais próximo CASO você não esteja movendo o personagem pra nenhuma direção. Ficaria mais fácil (um fácil bom, na minha opinião) de contra-atacar inimigos assim.

Num geral achei o gameplay bem maneiro e a arte/audio sensacional. Boa sorte com o joguinho e vou ficar de olho pra jogar versões futuras!

Thanks! And sorry, C3 projects only and no plans on supporting C2 projects atm.

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These are some important things and pratices to be aware of when creating template projects that will be merged using C3PM to avoid conflicts between the projects during the merge process and other problems.

1 - Naming your C3 projects

First thing you wanna do when creating a template project that will be shared using C3PM is setting your project name and author properties. After merging two projects the main project will retain the files of the secondary project in a folder named after those atributes, so it's important to have them seted with unique names if you want your merged files to be organized.

2 - Preventing same file names conflicts

When merging two c3 projects you might have some errors during the merge process if you have some files with the same name in both projects. To avoid scenarios like that, make sure to have files with names that probabily wont be used by other users in their project files. A good pratice is to always add a "namespace" to your c3 template project files. For example, you could add "projectTemplateName_" before your files name. So in a default brand new c3 project, after renaming the files, you should have files like:

  • projectTemplateName_Event sheet 1
  • projectTemplateName_Layout 1
  • projectTemplateName_Sprite

And so on... This way it's unlikely that any future projects that'll merge your project to share a file name with it.

The same thing applies to groups and global variables inside event sheets. They all must be unique, otherwise C3PM will prompt a error during the merge process and the merge won't happen. So set your group and global variable names accordingly to avoid the possibility of items with repeated names.

3 - Merging projects with single global instance objects 

It's possible to merge projects that contaim plugins that are single global instance objects, such as the keyboard, browser, gamepad and other useful plugins. For that to be possible it's necessary for the plugin to have the same name in both projects, otherwise C3PM will prompt an error during the merge proccess.

4 - Use Construct 3 r198 or higher

It's strongly recommended to have at least one of the projects mergeds created using at least Construct 3 r198 or a higher version. It's not enough to have a project saved using this release, it's important that the objects created inside the project were created using this version.

This is because in this stable release there's a rework on the way some IDs are generated for certain files that will make unlikely that merged projects will share the same ID resulting in a corrupted project.

5 - It's not recommended to overwrite your original project with the merged project

C3PM is a tool that changes the files of your Construct 3 projects. This may in some caeses result in unwanted results or even in some cases in corrupted projects. It's strongly recommend that you don't overwrite your original project files with the new merged proejct files so you can go back to your old project if you're not happy with the end result of the merged projects.

6 - Not supported features

These features are not supported by C3PM at the time thus trying merging projects using them won't work:

- Timelines

- Bundle addons option

Thanks Igor!

As for the ludum dare version, this is it. Ludum dare itself allows for small fixes after deadline as long as you don't add new features to the project, as stated here:
"Certain Bug Fixes are allowed. You can’t add new features, but if something broke or didn’t work correctly as you were finishing up, you can fix this after the deadline. You are asked to highlight the changes you make in your submission (a short change log). You probably wont get a 2nd chance with some players, but at least it wont be a problem for future players."

The changes from submited version to the current version is listed in the latest devlog wich is linked in the LD page:

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Hey jdoz! Unfortunately there is no plan to have build for the games for Mac Os :\

I'd recommend you to contact itch support at and ask for a refund since there's no option in the dev dashboard for us to refund users as stated here:

Really cool game! Missed a score system tho, guess I managed to spent 5 minutes or something like that without the starting the game, but without proof I can't brag about it. ):

Got over 1600 points! Amazing game, lovely pixel art and fun gameplay. Awesome job!

I actually think you're right. I removed the "scroll" but the game felt kinda weird, so instead I decreased the screen scroll speed to half, I guess the game feels better now. Thanks for the feedback. <3

Hey man! Your game caught my atention because of it's name. Xana actually means "pussy" or "vagina" in portuguese (pt-br). Just so you know hahahaha

Damn, I'm so excited to play it... 

Played all the game. Was skeeping text because that's what I do in games and missed the option to fight the old man. ):

Pretty cool game tho, wasn't planning to play it to the end, but the puzzles are too damn fun, couldn't make myself stop playing.