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Awesome! There’s 17 days left to pre-order, so you have plenty of time!

Hope to see you play it on release! It should be on steam.

Thank you. If you check out the current download on this page, you’ll see we updated it to an EXTREMELY early version of the first house. You can pre-order the game via Kickstarter, though!

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Hey! It’s just an extremely early version of the first house. So there’s nothing to do yet! We should be able to release an actual new demo in a few months. We haven’t built all our rooms yet, and the stair case had some problems that we just fixed. (Staircase fix not available) There will be about 5-6 rooms to explore with more being in them. Obviously the house needs some lighting work, but we’re making the map first. ALSO, what’s your input on the bathroom? We did take more time on the bathroom than any other room.

Nevertheless I hope you stick with us as we develop, we will have updates on our Kickstarter page (available for everyone, not just backers). We would love to see you play it and give input.

Thanks, Gravity! If you’d like, you can get the full release at a discount by pre-ordering it on Kickstarter, which also helps us develop the game. You can find that here.

It’s not the full game yet, so it may not be to your standards yet, please take this into account while you play.

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Hello Baaal! I will check out the video when I have time. The full release should be on Steam for $25, but you can pre-order it for $15 on Kickstarter! There will be about 2-3 hours of play time (approx) for the full release.

Have a good one! Expect a comment on your video in the next week.

Thank you! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel so you can watch our live streams of our work!

Hello ScottishGeeks, we will try and watch your video as soon as we can.

Hello EctoMeow! We will certainly work on it for the full release. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Okay thank you! Sorry we never emailed you, but we haven't had much time with anything recently.

Hello Salem! Thank you for playing our demo. I'll watch your video tomorrow after I work on the full release some. See ya!

I'm sorry TheBaconSmasher, but since our game is not 18+ we're not allowing it on our page. Thanks for playing though!

About 7-12 shots to the body, and 2 shots to the head! Remember, always shoot zombies in the head! Thanks for playing!

Hello RushBee! Thank you for playing our demo. We will watch your gameplay and comment as soon as we can. If you would like to help fund the full game, please view the Kickstarter above.

Hello Flamez! The demo is partially from an asset. But as you may have seen in the comments below, we are creating new houses, cutscenes, and more. If you would like to help fund the full game, please view the Kickstarter above. Thank you!

Thank you! I will look at it soon. We promise the full game will be our, as we have people funding it on Kickstarter, which that link can be found above.

We are working on it, right now we’re working on the actual map(s), but soon we will be working on lighting and atmospheric lighting.

Thank you! We are working on a new side project right now, so be sure to follow and tell your friends!

What? Kinda confused, haha.

Wow! Didn't expect a reaction. But it's a good idea. Thanks for the reaction, and you're welcome. Have a good weekend!

Thumbnail is more important haha

We don't appreciate advertisers, you have been banned, Zzak.

Thank you Levon! Sorry you couldn't find the code. I commented on your video about it. Have a good one!

Hello! Thank you for playing our demo. I saw that you played v1.5.0, we released a new update with lots of new stuff! I would love to see you play it. You can view the changelog for the new update here:

Thank you! We will. Adding multiple buildings, cutscenes, outside, and more. I'll send you a steam key once it goes on steam!

Thank you! You are correct. We will be adding a whole new house that we make, cutscenes, and more. We posted a comment on your channel. Have good one!

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I said it above. But it's

Give me your thoughts on the new update!

Indurok please email me and I will send a link to download. Thanks!

:) Working on the intro/cut scene right now.

I'll send a link for download for the game. Just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you.

Hello Gamers nation!

Thank you for playing our demo. Bug fixes coming today (include going through zombie). Have a good one!

If you need to contact me about anything please email

Hello Indurok, we will send you a secret download link. Please email me us at and we will send it right over!

We will also notify you via email of new updates! Please wait until tomorrow to receive the download as we will be fixing a couple bugs tomorrow. Thank you!

An indie horror game where you are a Police Officer reporting to a potential break in and murder. But little did you know what you would find in the house.