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It's the fairy testicle curse. You have to share this to five people, or you will die :o

You need to download it and play it through an emulator like joiplay

Looks interesting so far. Also, what can I use the bottle for?

I randomly get this screen when playing, only way to fix it is to turn off the game. This is the error it says is the cause

Seems like a minor issue, don't remember something like that. I stopped playing because the game was unplayable for me. Some shops and interactions didn't work, I would go to the grocery shop for example, and nothing except "go to market street" would show up

Very late reply, but you can get it by getting an ID. Don't want to spoil how, but there are a few ways to get it

A few updates came out by now

I have a problem. Sometimes when I press an interaction, nothing shows up, other than an acknowledgment I did it. For example: You enter the grocery store. Nothing else, other than a button to return to market street

I really liked it, but I have to say that when the content ends, it's rather underwhelming. When you end a character's content, it would be cool to have something other than repeating content, something like a random kiss from a boyfriend or friendly greeting from a friend. 

When are you planning to release the new update for everyone?

The more you know I guess. But I'm very surprised I never heard them despite both reading a lot in English and speaking to native speakers (I'm not one)

I enjoy this game. It made my English vocabulary as wide as the open skies and as beautiful as the vegetation growing beneath it. 

But for real, I don't know if this game was written by an English philologist or chat gpt. I have to google what a word means every ten minutes, and I wouldn't say I'm bad at English. Like, can anyone tell me what hassling someone or spooning is without googling it?

This was probably reported in the past, but you can't sell multiple items at once. You have to close the category and open it again. Also, when doing anything, all health bars go to full before falling to the appropriate level

Uh, I really understood that second part, but thank you, I will use it

Damn, I just checked. It's been a while. Did they say why they don't want to add it?

Hello. I wanted to suggest adding the option to exclude multiple tags. It was probably suggested in the past, as it's not a very revolutionary idea, but it's still not here so I'm making this post. 

Whenever I'm looking for gay nsfw games, most are visual novels and furry. I don't really like either and would want to have an option to exclude both, while only one can be excluded. This makes searching for the right games a lot harder than on other sites. 

Sorry for my English if it's bad.

I would really like to have more choices when interacting with your co-worker. maybe have a choice where you don't tell her about Millie, and she gets progressively more suspicious of you.

also an economy rebalance

I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. Looking forward to seeing how the game develops