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very epic can't wait thanks for the hard work

My current highscore is 25711 with Elwin the warrior! I beat the game too, what's yours?

I've released v3.3.9, which should improve some of the controls - thanks to a cast/recast 'hotbar':


Bunch of other improvements to controls added, enjoy!

@Toasting I'd say try developping something in godot! It's free and somewhat easy, you can find a tutorial here and if you prefer videos you can try this series 

As for the 'platform', I think you mean engine? because if you're looking for a platform for your games, itch is one - and a good one at that!

Hope this helps, staying motivated and focused are the two key elements to a successful game release. Cheers.

P.S. I am not affiliated to the video series


Hey Itch! Are you ready for some dungeon crawling? How about some Diablo/Path of exile elements? 

Buckle up and prepare to be pleasantly frustrated as you make your way down this dungeon - choose your favourite class and get ready to die!


  • 40+ monsters
  • 100+ items, along with 14+ modifiers
  • 4 classes
  • 16 spells
  • 18 abilities
  • 10+ ranged items
  • Generated gear & dungeon floors
  • Stop paying attention to gameplay for 3 seconds and die

A demo of spell casting as the potato class (king potato)

A warrior entering the swamp

Find it here:

Game's free, but I do accept monetary encouragement :^) in any case, enjoy, and don't forget to keep your pants on.