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Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much I adore everything about this game!
The art is great, it is well written, the time period is everything, and I REALLY like that you can choose you own way to respond to stuff without it necessarly having an impact on the outcome - it makes it easier to identify with the MC, and makes the whole experience more realistic.
Moreover I really like that it's not very hard to end op with the "good" ending (I've played/read some other VN's where I didn't end up with the ending I wanted and had to go back which just ruins it a bit for me).  
And last but not least I fell completely and utterly in love with Guy :D
Like I mean... jeez... heh heh.
I really like his story, his broodyness, his looks, and the sensitive fellow underneath. I also really loved how well he responded to my humourous answers. He just has so many layers that one.
I also played Staton's route which was sweet, and will of couse play Amesbury's soon!
After I finished this VN I found out you made another (Crossroads), and I just finished that one as well. Reeeally great!! A whole different setting but still loved it, and the character customization was a nice touch!
Lastly I just have to compliment you on your overall ability to write men that I absolutely love. I mean I'm a bit difficult to impress but both VN's left me with a stupid grin on my face seriously wanting those goddamn men. I mean... where can I get myself a Guy or a Lucan in real life??? :D 
So... this ended up really long but I just had to let you know my appreciation of your work. And I REALLY hope you're planning/working on more projects!?
- Regnvand

This looks so good :D Amazing work you guys - can't wait for the full version!
To other mac users out there having trouble: I couldn't play the game either but when I got it through the Itch-app instead and ran it there it worked. There is no sound however, and I'm wondering if it's just not part of the demo or if I'm still having some problems?
Other than that I'm really excited! :)