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Hi! Just wanted to let you know how much I adore everything about this game!
The art is great, it is well written, the time period is everything, and I REALLY like that you can choose you own way to respond to stuff without it necessarly having an impact on the outcome - it makes it easier to identify with the MC, and makes the whole experience more realistic.
Moreover I really like that it's not very hard to end op with the "good" ending (I've played/read some other VN's where I didn't end up with the ending I wanted and had to go back which just ruins it a bit for me).  
And last but not least I fell completely and utterly in love with Guy :D
Like I mean... jeez... heh heh.
I really like his story, his broodyness, his looks, and the sensitive fellow underneath. I also really loved how well he responded to my humourous answers. He just has so many layers that one.
I also played Staton's route which was sweet, and will of couse play Amesbury's soon!
After I finished this VN I found out you made another (Crossroads), and I just finished that one as well. Reeeally great!! A whole different setting but still loved it, and the character customization was a nice touch!
Lastly I just have to compliment you on your overall ability to write men that I absolutely love. I mean I'm a bit difficult to impress but both VN's left me with a stupid grin on my face seriously wanting those goddamn men. I mean... where can I get myself a Guy or a Lucan in real life??? :D 
So... this ended up really long but I just had to let you know my appreciation of your work. And I REALLY hope you're planning/working on more projects!?
- Regnvand

Oh wow! Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment :D It's so motivating to know that people are enjoying what I create!

I am currently working on an interactive fiction, The Wayhaven Chronicles- quite a different format than visual novels, but still having fun writing it :)