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Rando-Malo (RegisRquoi)

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WOW this is way too good and cute ! Thanks for making that, I spent way too much time playing this!! =)

It's great !

Is there really 25 lvls ?! (I only played until lvl 5 (which has a great work on the ambiance !! )

How did you manage to make so manyyy haha

there's some minor level design issues i think which makes the game a bit too difficult (the level 1 is already pretty hard and frustrating, but weirdly it gets better with the other levels so that's okay haha)

Pretty impressive anyway !! the music and art are so good !!

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Wow, the animations and art are SO GOOD !!! =)

We uploaded a first version, a new one should come in a few hours, as well as a web version we hope !! :)


Created a new topic Tsumgame

Hey, we're making a game with tsum tsum, inspired from your game jam. 

But our mecanics are more based on the Ludum Dare's theme, and our game, appart from the tsum tsum doesn't really have anything to do with the demand of the child; we wanted to follow the games on demand theme but as we made the game and took game design decisions, it loooked less and less like what the child wanted

should we still submit it to the jam ?

Ouep !

Thanks ! I added the audio like 5minutes before it was the end, and started 15minutes after the beggining, it was chaos... But it kinda worked well at the end ! :D

Actually it was released in 2016.
I agree, though.

This felt real nice. Impressive one-night work.

I like how i've been able to progress and learn while dying in this game.

Oh and: Music is goooooood :)

This is Great. <3

But also super hard, I left after getting the 5th coin. 

I'm not sure if the spike are *that* useful to the game though ? Feels like they're just distracting me from the real gameplay, they don't usually bother me and just sometime frustrates me 'cause i forget them. But maybe they're more useful at the end. 

I'm also not a fan of some moments where you get killed by enemies out of the screen too.

But for a 48h game jam that's perfectly normal and I really enjoyed Playing  this "new darksoul" game.

Thanks for making this <3

A bit buggy but colorful. Had some fun doing combos and falling on the ground.

Nice project.

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This looks really cool. <3

This is great ! I love it !

Thanks for making this.

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It feels pretty nice, congrats :)

That's super impressive. <3

Super fun, I just wish there was some audio.


Oh you're right. I thought the 8 keys max security was everywhere... Thanks for awnsering ! Game looks awesome. Too bad it's never gonna be playable with my keyboard

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The M key seems to be broken. :/

I couldn't figure out if there was an implemented objective yet, as pressing enter, or match the correct fingers didn't do anything.

But I love the way it looks. I love the txt tutorial.

It's great ! The whole thing works pretty well and made me want to play again ! :)

I made ~8000 Fl($) on my first try and ~12000 Fl($) on the second time ! :)

Nice ! I scored 120 !

Not sure why it's possible to move the spaceship but eh why not.

Neat work, it's fun.

Survived 55secs, I didn't expect it to be that fun !

Maybe you could add a timer so that the player know how long he has been surviving in real time ? (Like "omg I'm gonna beat the highscore !!" )

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Final update with our two playable games



voilà voilà.

We're looking foward for making games for real, next year.

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I had trouble sleeping so I made a game. So we'll at least have one game. Probably two. Maybe more.

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Woke up, had to blow my nose. Now we have audio.


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Last step before bed. Tomorrow we'll start make games (while doing others things, cause you know we can't actually make games but we still said we'll do but it was bad idea etc etc).

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We're still sleeping. Our artist might make a few drawing that I'll include in our works and then ???? and then we'll be done.

I think I might open another account to host the game as I'll be too ashame of what we're (not) doing.

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Did we win the prizes yet ?

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So this morning I made a twine game, it's a super sad game. I might include games in this game. Or make other games.


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I think we're making big progress with this strategy: Sleeping well to make better games.

I promise we'll ship something bad at some point. We didn't make anything but tomorrow I wake up and then I'll make a game in class and post it here. Gonna be a cool game. About keys (we think maybe).

Also next year we'll come to Laval and make things for real cause hum haha. See you tomorrow I guess.

PS: Is it allowed to make several games ? I mean, we clearly have some advance on the others, right ?

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Progress: We're not together for now but we opened up facebook and came up with an idea for a story.

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Created a new topic SillyFart

We can't come to Laval. :/

We won't have much time :/

We'll try to make something

We'll probably fail.

Nice audio.

I wish it surprised me more but it's still a very good game to go in my "game that I should show to random people I met" file.

Super cool concept ! :)

Incompréhensible donc indispensable.


Wow, really weird to see you again on itch.io. Really enjoyed clic bird, long ago.

I guess I'll send you a mail if I need any voice acting for this, then :)