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Rando-Malo (RegisRquoi)

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Great game. Difficult topics, great writting.

Lots of cool choices that feels very rewarding when the game shows you the were useful.

Imagine missing this shot though. The pain.

Terrible game. Great. The 5's impossible. The 5's possible.



C'est très chouette. J'ai mis du temps à comprendre qu'on pouvait laisser les lumières allumés en arrêtant de bouger. J'avais tendance à avancer de qq centimètres et ça s'éteignait donc j'avais tendance à penser qu'il fallait juste regarder vite, donc je bougeais de + en + !

Wow, that's a good and gorgeous bitsy game.

very nice game, makes me nostalgic of wario wood. i scored 139165 (normal game)

190,63 !

C'est super dur !!! Mais fun !

A plusieurs ça doit être moins stressant :D 

oh wow. impressive jam game. chill.

505 !

J'ai fait 113 et c'était très chouette ! Tut tut !!

Wow ?

Unsure when "next stunfest" will be and where exactly is the underground parking of the Stunfest but HELL YES

Merci !!

(De la part de Georgina bien sûr, une voiture partie trop tôt)

still great.

how can this be this good ? 4 DAYS ?

I fixed my car and i had an accident again imediately,

great game.

I reached floor 9. Great game. Pretty challenging for a non-english speaker.

Good game. Lovely.

I quit the game after 66 surprises. It was good game with good music. Great for people who don't have a bath, or can't afford buying bath bombs. Thanks.

I've been thinking about this game a lot in the last years.

I liked this !! I loved the "██████" part for the name, and the name's revelation at the begining ! Cool tricks !



wow I deeply love the way you move the character

Cool and inspiring.

I'd love to play this.

There's sure is lots of reasons not to do it, as well as there is lots of bad reasons to do it.

Thanks for playing.


Great hack ! I love it !

I scored 648. It's a really nice prototype !!


I went to yellow level and had to stop. It's super nice.


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Scored 251 000

Cool graphics !! I hope there was a bit more interraction to keep me in longer (the shop is hard to get and you have to be successful a lot of time to unlock what's next) but it's super impressive for a jam game already. The physics is pretty good and I like how polished the ball launcher animation is.

Music is pretty cool too !

this rocks !

Hey, never saw that. Thanks.

I played this in the train and hope everybody is awkward.

Great game


Seems impossible to pass lvl 3 and lacks a "restart" button

Appart from that, really pleasant simple game, fits the theme quite nicely ! :)


(great game bravo)

Oh yes ce serait fun de voir ça :D

I've been writing and thinking about comedy in games for years now and this piece was a nice thing that internet brought to me without me knowing how or why I got there.