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Scored 251 000

Cool graphics !! I hope there was a bit more interraction to keep me in longer (the shop is hard to get and you have to be successful a lot of time to unlock what's next) but it's super impressive for a jam game already. The physics is pretty good and I like how polished the ball launcher animation is.

Music is pretty cool too !

this rocks !

Hey, never saw that. Thanks.

I played this in the train and hope everybody is awkward.

Great game


Seems impossible to pass lvl 3 and lacks a "restart" button

Appart from that, really pleasant simple game, fits the theme quite nicely ! :)


(great game bravo)

Oh yes ce serait fun de voir ça :D

I've been writing and thinking about comedy in games for years now and this piece was a nice thing that internet brought to me without me knowing how or why I got there.


Don't think you could have done much about accessibility, it's just something to be aware of :) it's alright to have games that are not good fit for accessibility. But having it in mind and thinking about it is always nice. Just wanted to mention it as you're new to game developement :)

Super nice game !!!

I died during the boss, I think I almost got it ! I'm super bad with color mixing and it still felt good.

direction sensibility felt weird/too fast at first but I got used to it and it was sometimes useful, sometimes not.

Also be careful about accessibility, I don't think the game explains the control so much ? At least I didn't see and had to gess: arrows were easy to get.
WASD: be careful cause not everybody's a gamer and know it's gonna be useful keys. Also I'm playing on qwerty keyboard and I had to change during game (for this you can just add a W/Z A/Q S D controls by the way ! easy trick that helps you reach more players)

and up/down arrows I had to guess too and it took me a bit of time. But I didn't get hurt because of it so that's alright (don't hesitate to "pause" the game while the player is figuring the keys right)

The difficulty curve felt super nice, I always felt like the game was challenging me but it always felt possible to finish it without dyging (I ended up dying but meh i'm bad with colors as i said :D )

I love the fact that without knowing the colors mixing rules super good you can quickly figure it out by trying. Great level design for that, you never trick the player by needing a color for an enemy but two other for another enemy. It's always "two colors for 3 enemies" and it feels good. Especially during the boss fight.

(Oh and by the way be careful about "color based gameplay", they're alright but people with eye-problems can have difficulties playing them )

I loved it anyway, the music was with me all along and helped me. Couldn't think of anything else but the game during those 3 minutes.

Looking forward for your next games.


I love the mood of this

This is a pretty clever bitsy game. Congrats.

<3 I wasn't sure it was worth publishing, thanks a lot =)

I have so many thanks about how you talk about my game.



Cool. L'occasion de lancer clickteam aujourd'hui du coup, motivé par votre jeux ! :D

Plein de bonnes idées ! Je suis trop heureux ! Les sons sont supers !

J'ai adoré le fait que les ennemis ne peuvent pas nous faire de mal quand ils nous touchent mais sont transformés par la magie de Noël !

Les dessins sont supers mignons, j'aime beaucoup l'écran titre !

J'ai juste mis longtemps à comprendre qu'il ne faut pas tirer à nouveau lorsqu'un tir est en cour car ça l'annule (j'ai eu du mal à battre le boss du coup)
Mais une fois compris tout allait bien !!

L'idée du timer en tant qu'élément de scoring est une très bonne idée ! ça donne envie de rejouer ! J'ai fait 60 ! (Je suis impressionné par le tableau des scores d'ailleurs ! C'est fait sur quel logiciel ? Scratch ?)

Merci beaucoup d'avoir embelli ma matinée !

WOW this is way too good and cute ! Thanks for making that, I spent way too much time playing this!! =)

It's great !

Is there really 25 lvls ?! (I only played until lvl 5 (which has a great work on the ambiance !! )

How did you manage to make so manyyy haha

there's some minor level design issues i think which makes the game a bit too difficult (the level 1 is already pretty hard and frustrating, but weirdly it gets better with the other levels so that's okay haha)

Pretty impressive anyway !! the music and art are so good !!

Wow, the animations and art are SO GOOD !!! =)

We uploaded a first version, a new one should come in a few hours, as well as a web version we hope !! :)


Games on Demand community · Created a new topic Tsumgame

Hey, we're making a game with tsum tsum, inspired from your game jam. 

But our mecanics are more based on the Ludum Dare's theme, and our game, appart from the tsum tsum doesn't really have anything to do with the demand of the child; we wanted to follow the games on demand theme but as we made the game and took game design decisions, it loooked less and less like what the child wanted

should we still submit it to the jam ?

Ouep !

Thanks ! I added the audio like 5minutes before it was the end, and started 15minutes after the beggining, it was chaos... But it kinda worked well at the end ! :D

Actually it was released in 2016.
I agree, though.

I like how i've been able to progress and learn while dying in this game.

Oh and: Music is goooooood :)

This is Great. <3

But also super hard, I left after getting the 5th coin. 

I'm not sure if the spike are *that* useful to the game though ? Feels like they're just distracting me from the real gameplay, they don't usually bother me and just sometime frustrates me 'cause i forget them. But maybe they're more useful at the end. 

I'm also not a fan of some moments where you get killed by enemies out of the screen too.

But for a 48h game jam that's perfectly normal and I really enjoyed Playing  this "new darksoul" game.

Thanks for making this <3

A bit buggy but colorful. Had some fun doing combos and falling on the ground.

Nice project.

This looks really cool. <3

It feels pretty nice, congrats :)

That's super impressive. <3

Super fun, I just wish there was some audio.


Oh you're right. I thought the 8 keys max security was everywhere... Thanks for awnsering ! Game looks awesome. Too bad it's never gonna be playable with my keyboard

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The M key seems to be broken. :/

I couldn't figure out if there was an implemented objective yet, as pressing enter, or match the correct fingers didn't do anything.

But I love the way it looks. I love the txt tutorial.

Nice ! I scored 120 !

Not sure why it's possible to move the spaceship but eh why not.

Neat work, it's fun.