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This version is playable - while still feeling pressured about the resources (at least at the beginning, until I have enough money to buy whatever I need).

There is one bug though - when ordering cow, its truck got stuck in the fence of the farm (with the huge red UFO floating above it).

The current version isn't playable - UFOs barely spawned when I started playing - which means that my character got thirsty before I was able to sell my first photo (which made me barely able to move). When I tried to get out of this state by starting a new game, I couldn't, as when the only option which was there was to load my broken save.

There either needs to be more UFOs spawning or player having some starting food and drink or money (also to feed the poor dog which is starving since the game start) and a choice to start a new save from main menu (or give up your current one in game).

In case of the first one, once you have collected all 3 posters, you now need to progress by going to the desktop (the one where you are before you start your actual run), where now you should be able to open the posters as icons there. Also check out the internet browser at the same desktop (now I forgot its name). There might be useful stuff for you too. 

But I agree that it's probably a logical bug (or just demo limitation), that regardless of our progress in the quest, the game will keep telling us to find all 3 posters at start of each run.

Since thie update, after taking around 4 photos of UFOs (some were of the same one, some were of the different ones), I was unable to take more. Even when I was aiming my camera at a UFO in photo mode, left clicking caused only some error sound. I did make and sell my previous photos before the bug did happen. 

Also in the fridge I was unable to drink the water bottles at its lowest part.

When pressing E during conversation starts the conversation again. While it didn't end my run (yet), it can mess conversation stuff like the response choice menu up.

I could choose to put posters at place where I did already put them (the quest for the mascot at Buyo burgers). Idk if it also doesn't progress quests. I think that I could trigger this bug either by starting another run or by changing maps (entering interior/bus and then the city again) after putting poster somewhere. And the poster was still there, but I could now redo the action.

In the sewers, the fake mascot seems to be buggy at the runs after the first encounter. The first time he was behaving normally, but at following runs he got a double - I encountered his one self at his spot where he is pretending to be the friendly mascot. And then I encountered his running torso in the sewers. And when he started chasing me, he was flying all over the place.

Now I am not sure if that's still at 2.1 version, but for anybody wanting test it out - in the previous version, the poison crawling (I forgot their name, but they usually spawn at alleys near rats) demons weren't able to hit me much.

When equipping and unequipping the giant bear doll I got stuck and was unable to move.

Maybe I was just using it wrong, but after equipping the Obsidian ring it didn't show/highlight me anything opposite of what it describes.

After finding entering Rave party and finishing watching the cutscene and the conversation, the first time I got stuck and was unable to move (idk if it was caused by pressing C or E key there). As there did dissapear the choice from the pause menu to exit to desktop, all I had was to Alt+F4 game, loosing my progress. The bug didn't happen the second time.

After finishing the demo and doing another run, my first run was fine. But then the random generator broke apart - I got buildings clipped to roads, fences everywhere, etc. Making me unable to properly explore the city. And this bug happens again after restarting the game.

I have encountered two more bugs - when entering the Burger store and talking with the seller there, I got a quest to put 3 posters at unique buildings. Then, I suddenly could tell the seller that I have found some his friend in the sewers... Even when I was never there yet.

And in case of the seller in the starting market (who gives the quest to find the three rave posters and get into the sewers to the rave event), when repeatedly visiting and talking with her in following runs, I get there added same conversation option, asking her about what is playing at the radio.

And this reminds me one more bug - happened with the fairy drug seller - when I opened and closed the trade menu and then tried to re-open it by T, I wasn't able to do it again.

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Game breaking bug.: During the first story quest I have found all 3 rave posters (during various runs, where I have usually found one per run), got the code from the website, but when I try to put it in the actual sewer doors, the keyboard tells me that the code is wrong (I get wrong code sound) even when I put it exactly as told in the Gateway website. This bug makes me unable to continue in the main story and thus to unlock new stuff in the game.

After trying to input the code and failing, later when encountering some characters telling me to play some music for me, the game wasn't reacting on my input when choosing an answer during the conversation, forcing me to Alt+F4 the game as it was frozen.

When pressing B before taking stuff from a dumpster, then the game doesn't react on the B key input to close the input about whatever I did find and this made me unable to pick up more stuff and forced me to end the run.

Also, I don't know if this is intended feature or not, but the White van enemy looks buggy - one time I found it stuck at the parking lot. When getting caught by it, I either get just damaged or pulled inside it. In the second case nothing more happens once I am in the van. While that goes with the lore, I expect that there should be some game over message happening as when getting killed by other monsters. Also I get placed in front position of the want inside in the back, so it seems to be a bug to me.

Also the run report after returning home seems to be broken to me - it tells me always the game thing (that I have met 16 NPCs for example), regardless if I did it in one run or not.

Also sometimes when I press E while facing some object, I get stuck until I open main menu and go back to the game.

Also the stuttering of the game in the previous post, I think that it mostly happens when I am near the ghost figures, which give me either prayers or the second thing.

I don't know if this is intended behavior or not, but I have also noticed when I enter some interior map and then return back to the main level, everything there resets.

Also after doing the quest for finding the companion of the barbarian like guy in the trail, I still found his companion in the world even after they teleported away (before I met the companion again I used the bus).

Ars Goetica and Skins icons in the computer menu have an exclamation mark each time after I end run, regardless when I find some new entity or not (it started after finding a first one). Maybe it's triggered by encountering the same entity again?

HEAVENSCAPE (DEMO 2.0) community · Created a new topic Bugs

When there are any other characters being nearby (NPCs and hostiles) the game stutters.

And one time when I ran into a wooden fence, I got stuck there amd was forced to end my run.

If you scroll down enough this discussion... Eventually you'll find a link for archive of most of the versions. With the "multiplayer" one (not working multiplaye,r but has the combat with cannons and guns) included.

I myself failed to find a flashlight and thus had to do the vent part pitch black.

I think that the checkpoints in the first dinosaur crossway section inside the fenced area (the marked dinosaur zones on foot) don't work. I got killed there by the last dinosaur before proceeding to the boat part and I respawned outside of the dinosaur area on the road.

Probably because one of the versions of the game had multiplayer. But yep, this tag should be removed as now it's false advertising - there is no multiplayer in the current version of the game.

I already played Mount Fear and Punch Trunk and they were both fun.

Thanks anyway for the reply.

Hi, does this game also support keyboard controls? As the game reacts on my W/S and UP/Down keyboards in the main menu, but I can't select anything to start playing.

I think that on day 3 in the 0.5 version and on day 4 in the older ones. In the older ones you can edit in the save file the day on which Tripods start their hunting mode if you want them to use them sooner.

If you scroll down through the comments, you find out somebody who posted a link to his collection of majority of the versions which were released. With the multiplayer one included.

I have already took risk of using the installer as my antivirus didn't find anything bad there. But thanks anyway.

Yep. The installer first shown me an error that it requires the admin access and then requested it.

Random game wanting an admin access to my computers stinks to me indeed.

The fix version was there already before. And I just tried to launch it after redownloading and it has still the no sound bug after launching, so it doesn't seem much fixed or updated to me.

Shame. If the developer would at least bother to fix the bugs, the game would be great as it is (with re-enabled survival and darkness/lighting features of old versions).

If you scroll down the comments, somebody uploaded his collection of old versions.

As the game got redesigned many times (one time even with multiplayer), it's shame though that there aren't any official milestones published because it is interesting to look how the game evolved.

I have downloaded this game and when I launched it, opposite of "full" installer download there, the main menu tells me that I play a demo version. Are there any limitations? And if yes, is there any place where we can buy the full version?

The refresh rate of my monitor is 60 Hz.

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Windows. I tried the both released versions (1.1 and 1.0) and both have the issue.

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I have encountered an annoying bug. When I want to look up or down, the camera movement is laggy.

Edit.: Now I have noticed that moving camera everywhere can get laggy too.

I have found a game breaking bug - in the forest, where you can collect a mirror, if you manage to jump on the mirror, you are then unable to move and have to force-close the game.

When you survive an invasion and get survival window, there is only "button" , which does nothing so I was forced to force close the game by alt+F4 as there is no other way to return back to main menu or to confirm the survival.


The game still crashes for me during loading screen after starting a new game through main menu. After downloading the new uploaded version.

The game broke for me in two parts - first one is when I got the call, I couldn´t see my cursor for accepting/rejecting the call.

Second time after the another person shared his location with me, I was unable to do anything on phone, nor to close it. So I was forced to alt+F4 force close the game.

The game seems to autosave or maybe it´s saved when you sleep in your bed in the village. But sometimes the saving process seems to be broken (the game can´t find your save even when there is one) and to fix it in this case, you need to remove the "animal" folder in the Appdata/local one.

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Started playing this game and while it´s good, it looks that saving of the progress doesn´t work there. As when I was entering the I think "Gulag" level, game crashed due running out of memory. So I restarted it, but it told me then that it wasn´t able to find my save. And I was sleeping sometimes in my bed in the village as I thought that this is way to save the game.

Or is there some else method of saving progress?

EDIT: I went through an appdata folder and found a folder "animal" in local Appdata folder (is it the game´s one?), which indeed has some save file in it. But the game still isn´t able to find the save file on launch. So it looks that it isn´t able to load a saved game.

EDIT2: By deleting the mentioned folder above, the saving now seems to work. So it must be the corrupted save, probably by the game crashing, that it wasn´t able to find it anymore.

The concept is great, but after using Bigfoot´s powers to go underground, I got stuck out of screen (during it I had some conversation) and had to exit the game.

The game had update, but I don´t see any changelog to see what´s new.

Toilet realm? I look forward seeing this... :-)

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This update makes the game ignore saves made in previous versions, as I see that you also renamed the name of the game´s folder in Appdata folder, in Windows. As it doesn´t read files from the Juice World folder anymore.

I copied files from the old Juice World folder into Juice Galaxy in App data and save loaded. Don´t know if it breaks any things though.

The game was amusing and for majority of parts fine, but I have found one game breaking bug and one clunky thing. On the part where player is playing as the woman and must cross the bridge with the two toialets spilling "blood" on the bridge, for few seconds game froze and then suddenly camera went upside down (like I was standing on ceiling) and all controls were inverted. Funny is that due the bizzare setting of both your games, I first thought that it´s supposed to happen, until I watched one video walkthrough to confirm that it´s a bug.

Also the final boss fight was clunky. Many times I visually saw myself hit him, but the game didn´t register it, so the boss got many free hits on me before I managed to somehow kill him.

Also it was already mentioned, but the mouse sensitivity is too low on default settings. And as the looking up/down isn´t fixed by setting the sensitivity higher in inventory screen due it not being affected by it, it was annoying.

I liked the game, it´s world, ideas and atmosphere are great. Though at the last few days there weren´t much new events happening in the world, nor not much new characters appearing.

Also I don´t know if it´s a bug or not, but I am supposed to get more than one lockpick? As I found one in trash, used it on one  door in the third floor in apartment building and found the apartment with the "art" of the one murderer, where I found later that I am supposed to get later by some choices.

Same on the door in first floor, where we are told that we can open it by lockpick (if we have one), but they get unlocked later.

Two months later, but there is an alternate path? Never noticed it. Unless you mean the part after being warned about the true nature of the "Happy trees".