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I liked the idea. Only problem I have is there aren´t much variations of encounters and also the game seem to mostly choose the one with offer of Galactic  network trade  aggreement.

Main menu breaking bug - on returning to the main menu from the pause menu, the cursor dissapears, making me unable to do anything in the main menu and forces me to close the game by task manager.

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I see that at ending of this video, when the player gets killed by Jabberwocky, he gets then ending credits, as shown in the video below. But when it happened to me, I got instead returned to main menu without any credits. Maybe it dragged him to the ending fence where his dog ran? Also one time I had happened something similar - I let Jabberwocky catch me by running into it to check his behavior, but I got half of the "break free" meter already filled red. And when I freed myself, game ended with credits after while, but I didn´t escape with my dog yet, nor I was killed by it. But it was in final chase when dog ran to that escape fence.

EDIT: I have found the cause of the bug. After encountering the dog at the mill, when it runs to the exit fence, the game ends regardless if the player gets there too or not. Which is shame, as the main protagonist of the story now seems to be the dog instead of the boy, who we play as and the goal is to get dog to safely, either by making Jabberwock eat the protagonist or by chasing the dog out. Poor boy :-( .

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I liked the game and its creepy atmosphere, though it reminded me many movies  of dog escaping from its owner to some dangerous place with a monster and then making his owner getting killed by that monster while he was looking for the dog. And the  dog in the end surviving everything.

Also even though at beginning it makes sense, later repeatedly calling for the dog starts reminding me that meme from Hard rain "Press E to Jason!" and it starts to be annoying and unlogical. I doubt that the boy would continue calling his dog while  chased by the Jabberwocky and at same time  dog could keep barking  due being scared.

Also unlike other horror games this makes Jabberwocky easy, as he catches player only with leap attack, it´s easy to escape him and ever if he catches the player, we have plenty of time to escape from his grasp. In fact somebody in one Youtube video even made joke how the Jabberwocky is useful fast travel feature, dragging us through the field :-) . As lore says that he likes to play with his prey like a cat with a mouse, it makes sense, but there could be good some stamina or other limit after which it would be impossible to escape Jabberwocky´s grasp and also when he would  become harder due deciding to stop playing with his pray and finally going after his dinner. Or maybe with difficulty level?

Also I found one wasted potential there - he is mimic and can mimic boy´s voice and I think even the dog´s bark? But he either isn´t chasing protagonist (unless I was too lucky) or when he chases him, he just doesn´t use the mimicking ability much. I would more like when boy calls after his dog, both Jabberwocky and dog would respond to his call (or one of them) and player would have to guess which bark/voice is right. If player could run to wrong bark/voice and instead encounter Jabberwocky, it then could mimic player to taunt him and either chase or catch him instantly. And after escaping him hiding somewhere again.

Also I was suprised by one thing - there was intro cutscene, but no ending one? Even though we achieve our goal - find the dog and escape with him out, there would be still nice some cutscene. And also in certain sense of humour the easiest way to find the dog is  to let Jabberwocky catch us, because we will find our dog that way too, only shame is that the protagonist doesn´t survive that.

EDIT: I checked it out and it takes up to 18 seconds  after Jabberwocky catches the player before he decides to eat him. I think as we can break free very easily, up to 5 or 10 seconds could be better. Or make it that each time Jabberwocky catches the player, player would have less time to break free, due protagonist freaking out and Jabberwocky leaving his "playful" mood.

EDIT2: Actually Jabberwock tries to drag you to its lair when caught, so the time how much you have to free yourself depends on far you are from its lair. But it´s still usually plenty of time unless you stand next to his lair, then it´s almost instant game over.

Will there be even update for outdated non Android version or is this game now Android exclusive?

The patch seems to fixed it. I also found the way to survive the Bucheum puzzle by throwing an alcohol bottle at the demon. Though  am  I supposed to get a piece of picture even when I fail to do so and die instead?  Because I have found that if I throw wine bottle to wrong box at NAX-05 puzzle, I die and don´t get any part of picture there  until I solve the puzzle right.

I encountered another small bug though (unless it´s a feature instead) and that is that one of these purple killers spawned near dance floor and I ran into it while holding wine bottle in my hand. It attacked me, but didn´t kill me. I lost that wine bottle though, which dissapeared. But that killer then kept running in into some object at dancefloor infinitely.

And  I have found one game breaking bug - after having Bucheum opened and giving the "offering" (and  dying in the process), when I return to the place to pick up the third piece of the picture and picking it up, the game suddenly teleports me back to the dancefloor area, but piece of picture is first floating in air and then dissapears under textures and thus I can´t complete the picture. That bug happened only to me only  if I drank  alcohol before passing the doors in Bucheum.

I like the idea of the game and how arena changes mid fight. Though I miss there weapons changing by middle mouse roller. And also some pickup stuff, like weapons,  medkits, etc.

For alpha this game is great. I see only two problems - first, the looking for points of interest through Wifi signal should be better explained - as I during my first playthrough just chaotically ran through the forest and usually just bumped on them randomly. And that scanning the QR code allows us to see and post messages there. I also liked how you implemented message system into giving hints fo a player.

Second problem, I didn´t like the pink enemies in the forest, as I have enough problem with finding next point of interest already and also would just like to enjoy the atmosphere, without these annoying enemies breaking it for me.

Also I don´t know if it´s a bug, but in one of the puzzles, when that one closed door opens and we aren´t supposed to come there empty handed, when I  did  and got killed, I returned to the door and found there part of picture lying.  Are we supposed to be the offering or  are we supposed to bring there some item as told? Or both? And if first one is true, is  us respawning back at dance floor everytime we get killed, is it a part of the story of the game?

I also liked how it´s branched.

It seems that the game has 2-3 endings  based  how many ghosts we killed. Though in the "good" ending when we end in  some  sort of  void, when we  don´t kill any  spirit, is there anything more to do than close the game?

One thing I miss in the game is to explain what happened in each ending.

You just extract the rar file with program like 7Zip or Winrar and then launch it.

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I  tried to throw him some random fed fish, but he didn´t react to it. Anyway I will try it again with the grand starseed, thanks.

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Nice game. I explored world, did all quests for the snake, but failed to find a way to free that knigh from his enchantment.

I only miss there one thing, like in every platformer that does that, way to grab edges of platforms.