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Covid hit us pretty bad in terms of productivity.   But test assure, we're in the works...slowly but surely :)

Due to a number of real life issues, it has been a challenging effort, but fret not.  We are still in development, as well as looking to rescript a number of storylines down the line.  To all of you who are sticking around, we hope what we cook up will be worth the wait! ^^

We will attempt to do so.   Currently we can't have a android version as of now due to the extensive memory space it requires.   That said, although it's not up to date with the other formats, there is an android demo on the patreon page that is free to download!

Thank you for the feedback on the typos.  We could have sworn we addressed and edit that part with Mowrn and Zutta, but we'll check again.  As far as the finished art goes in size difference, we suggest playing it by theater of the mind until our artist address fixing these differences. ^^;

Thank you! ❤😭

can try learning from the artist himself?   Hopefully its informative enough for you 😅

Apologies for the delay!
It means a lot to hear such admiration for our little passion project! And we are always open for feedback as well and will try to keep an S rank quality to our story!

1. Since the start of our development, the alpha build currently consist of one route that will act as a catalyst for all the various routes that will be installed later down the line.  Naja, being the main character, helps deliver a feel of the story and the possible impacts that could be made, hence why we've focus mainly on her thus far.  Yet her story will not be the only driving force.  Several other characters will be traversed and their actions can and will impact various outcomes to the third act. (Be it impactful bonds, character deaths, etc)  We will see about high lightening the most important choices in later updates.

2.) We are aiming to replace the opening sequence to a more reasonable introduction to the story, via a bard.  Through him, and audience request, we'll open more options to how the story will expand.

3.) Currently we are offering most open demos of the game for free.  That said we do aim to see about selling it onto stream and such.  With such great talent going behind this project, we can only hope to make bread for all the work gone into Regal Tails.

As far as spoilers go, there will be a good number of endings...which will be far more bleaker then this current one! :D

But rest assure, you would only get said outcomes if you truly messed things up.  Many endings will be happy, somber, and bitter sweet outside the bad ones.  Do feel free to stay tuned until then! ^.~

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hello and thank you oh so very much for feeling so kindly about our little project!   

To answer your questions:

We're going to include a lot more scenes and characters to the current built as well as improve existing scenes.   In the future we're even hoping to include voice actors as well!

That said, all that programming into our game takes up space.   Space  in which Android has a strict limitation on app games.  Sadly our current build cant be processed onto an android properly,  but if you were to follow our patreon link you can find a link to a previous build of our game fitted for android!  (Again, it's not up to date, so if you wish to know what happens next, you might wanna see what YouTubers have picked in game ^^;)

Thank you kindly TwT <3

All in good time...some things will be tweaked around with...but overall, you won't be disappointed uwu 

We're currently in a close discord for patrons only, but feel free to check out our twitter where we keep stuff up to date on there as well! ^^

No worries on at all! The point of feedback is to improve...and trust us, it will get much much better ;)

With this being an alpha build, rest assure we're putting much more into Regal Tails pass this free demo of ours!  ^_~

Wuv u 2, buddy c: