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read the instructions

10/10 I love the simplicity and I became very attached to my cute little square ducklings.

Ah, Yeah, sorry for the confusion. The on screen buttons aren't bound to keys. It would have taken me two seconds to either update the sprites or bind them to the keys but I didn't do either and I didn't bother with QA testing so I hadn't realized how confusing it would be.

The keys aren't bound. Don't try using your keyboard F1 F2 and F3. Just click the buttons on the screen with your mouse. I'll update the instructions to more clearly reflect that. Thanks!

This game has the gamemaker tag which is for games made with Gamemaker Studio but this game was made with adventurebox

I laughed pretty loud at the flag sound. Nice job!

Yea I suppose I didn't spend enough time explaining how to solve the puzzle. It's a row matcher. Like Tetris.

Thanks for this! It was fun digging around though the files.


This is great! You really stuck to the theme!

I don't like this.

This game is REALLY hard! It gives me flashbacks to the impossible game where you had to perfectly time your jumps and falls to beat the level. Pretty fun good job!

Ahhh, I see what you mean. Doing multiple inputs at the same time does cause some weird stuff to happen. Yeah it starts super easy but at 600 points it hits max speed and I've never made it much past that.

LOVE the art style, reminds me of the old school MS-Dos games from Apogee. The sound is era accurate as well! Good job!

Haha this was kinda fun! Would have loved some sound!
You should make it so if you break a row the rest of the rows fall down!
Oh, and add powerups! Cute game!

It suffers from the same problem that clicker games suffer from though. Too much clicking, I had to bring out the old free auto clicker just to clear all the gold and there was no reward for clearing it all. 

Fun way to spend 60 seconds though!

It's pretty! Love the water sound, it's amazing with headphones. Was the end of the first area supposed to be bugged out though?

Thank you Thank You Thank you for making this open source. I've been digging though game maker studio HTML games for like 8 hours looking for the reason why my HTML export doesn't work. Turns out I never set the GUIheight/GUIwidth. I CAN SEE MY GAMES NOW THANKYOU! #NoMoreBlackBox

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Your discord link is still broken. Also it's the 1st annual. Not the 1th annual.

Thanks for the jam guys! I'll get me a coin next year just you wait.

No I appreciate it! As silly as it sounds I never understood how important sleep was. I just figured it was some thing my weak ass mortal body wanted to do but if I just didn't do it I could steal an extra 16 hours. Didn't realize my productivity would slow to a crawl and my mistakes count would jump up. Next Jam i'm going to schedule in some sleep.

Cute game! Very enjoyable for the short playtime. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the source code! I'm trying to get a gamemaker studio game working on an HTML5 embed but the only thing that loads is the color outside of room region. I'm going to mine your code to see what i'm doing wrong.

Love how you skirt around trademark laws while using a trademark name to theme match your game. Gave me a pretty good laugh. I never even considered going the chocolate bar route but i'm glad someone did so 5/5 for adherence to theme. 

The gameplay is pretty challenging. The a and x are simple enough to not be a problem but adding double s and hold z really changes it up. It's like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. The only way I found to cheese it was spam a and s then just focus the bottom row.

The key mapping is not stellar. To use both hands I need to go hand over hand which is not a great feeling.

Not a fan of how a mouse is used in the start menu, would have been better to go full keyboard.

OMG you made a tutorial!?!?!? How did you even find the time?!?! That's impressive.

The music gives my speakers a constant buzz which can get a bit annoying.

Would have liked to see accuracy for all the stations instead of just the lowest.

Overall though great submission, very impressive for only having 48 hours.

Yeah it's wordy, and the words are a pain to read because they clash with the background. I need to work on "Show, don't tell" and limit myself down to just a sentence to two. Good feedback!

The wordy bits for the hogs shot and money and stuff was a compromise I wanted an animated sprite adding up scene but I didn't think I could get it working in time so I settled.

Oh yeah you can walk out of the view area. I TOTALLY FORGOT TO FIX THAT!  I remember thinking "I need to add some boundaries real quick" then just never did it and forgot about it till just now.

It started with physical bullets, but I didn't like how slow they were, and speeding them up did fucky thing so I changed the whole setup.
The laser was supposed to be an upgrade and standard would have just been a tiny explosion at the gun with a hit marker on the hog. 

Thanks for the comment, I'll add sleep to the list of things I need to do next game jam.

Haha yeah I think your right! I got tired of waiting while doing the code for later levels so I very quickly added a timeskip debug button and just kinda left it in there. Press Y to drop the timer down to 5 seconds =D

Love how the bad guys keep poking my body after I die. It's like insult to injury.

The pirate is right. The parrot does have better aim then me.

Love the art, but it plays really laggy in chrome and while wandering around trying to figure out what to do I touched the ocean and got stuck.

I know my games a broken thing. But I'm more worried if it's fun or not. Some feed back about if I was on the right track or not would be great. Hog Hunter 4

This is awesome! Love the music.

It locked me in full screen and I had to ctrl+alt+del to get out lol

I did a 30 hour marathon. I wrote >33000 characters. Almost 4000 words and 1200 lines. And it was a struggle. All the way till the end. Everything was some new problem I had to figure out. The hours just kept flying by. But I kept punching along. Eventually I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The deadline was 4 hours away and I was on a breakaway. The structure was built and stable, I just had to copy and paste a few blocks of code to run the new levels. I used some pretty weird techniques that I would have never considered before. 

For example I can't draw people. They always come out lumpy. I had a halfway decent looking one, but the perspective was all wrong so I used a stick figure placeholder. Then I figured it out, I put some thumbtacks into my ceiling with a rubberband between them. Then switched my phones camera to 3120x3120 then set the voice activation and strapped it to my ceiling camera down. Then I put the photos in GIMP and did some color work to try and get rid of that "Realistic person in a video game mortal kombat" look. It didn't help. At least until I shrunk the photo down to 50x50, then it look'd AWESOME! Straight up all the art in my game's has always been just horrible. But that one sprite, he's beautiful. I'm keeping him. He's going in other stuff.

Another thing I'd never considered doing before was only using a single room for a game with multiple levels and midlevels. No idea why I decided to try it this time. I guess I reasoned it would be easier then having to deal with persistence. But it's not like it's ever given me a problem before. Also learned the value of local variables. Turns out adding "global." in front of everything is a pretty cool way to have random things randomly break. Also I usually use a god object. A single controller with no sprite. I've heard it's bad practice though so I tried to split things up. That didn't work out super well in the end. When something went wrong I was digging though 4 or 5 different blocks trying to figure out how their objects interacted so horribly that it broke 2/3 of the game. 

I learned how amazingly awesome and powerful the built in random functions are. It was probably the most enticing aspect of the game "Oh, is this pig going to be worth $50 or $500? Who knows!

I got to actually USE some of the comments I wrote in the code, usually I'll just comment what a confusing looking thing does or use them like a bookmark system so I can just scan the green to find what i'm looking for. But since I didn't cram everything into one object I needed them to point me to the direction of what things in one object were tied to things in another object. It's as confusing as it sounds. 

This was my first two day Jam, I've done a 7 day jam before and I LOVED IT. There was some pressure to get finished but also enough time to make sure things were done the best I could. I was NOT prepared for a 2 day. 48 hours sounds like a MASSIVE amount of time if you just go simple. I went as simple as I could. Like back to the basics simple. Like basically recreated my first tutorial game simple. I figured core gameplay would be done in a few hours and I could just lay back and work on art and music. The art's decent for my ability, I try not to stick with placeholders on things for too long because then they might just get stuck there and i'll have to apologize to anyone who looks at it. But I was SO far off from adding ANY kind of sound. How hard can a 2d side scroller be? I guess as hard as you make it.

By the final hour my game was a broken, spaghetti, unfinished, buggy, unsightly pile of crap. I'll probably need to rewrite half of the code just to get it working again but I know where I went wrong. So if you're still reading, learn from my mistake. Don't use flags you have working in one area, to do something completely different. Just make another flag. I had a flag I used to once loop the steps for all of my level prep. It was elegant, I always knew where I was because the flag would keep things in line. Then because it was a global I used it for some other once loops. so when it came time for some quick copy paste work to fill out the the skeleton of the new levels before I added in their little quirks, everything went south and  levels were being half loaded or skipped entirely with no idea how to fix it because the flag was all over the place.

But again, thank you for hosting. I've had an incredibly insightful weekend and am feeling very fulfilled. The last second disaster was like some kind of movie moment and I really felt like a plucky hero just trying to pull everything together to survive.

Anyone else have an experience they want to share?

Haha I wish i'd seen this before. I gave my dead guys a ghostly fade away animation because I didn't want to get disqualified for covering the screen in blood.

Thank you for deleting the irrelevant stuff!