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Thank you for taking your time to play my game after my fix!! Hope you had a very high score!! Go very fast wizzing around.

Yeah It is related to speed goals you have reach but it is all at the moment hidden from players. I will need to add more feedback on it for it to be more obvious, so it is not your skills. <3

What! That is insane!!!! Did you see the fine purple screen with insane music?  Dude this game was 100% targeted towards you. I cannot believe you made it that far!

That is very high!!! 

Wow that is pretty high!!

Sorry to see you did not manage to fix the bug in your game hopefully you can get it working on a server and put the link here after the game jam ends. I don't want to see you hard work go to waste! We need a tower defense game here!

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The Live chicken!!!

This is OHS and RSPCA approved??? Anyway throwing knives and using live chickens makes the best soup so who is questing my methods anyway?

This cozy puzzle matching game is so cool, I got the hand of it the more I play. The mechanics is very easy to use. The bigger patterns are not harder but just longer to finished and I need to keep in mind the space available to me. 

The game play mechanics looks like it is all there! It seems it just need polish in terms of UI, art and audio.

The is just death. I have died as a rat soo many times. I love cats but there is only so many times I am willing to feed it my dead rat body. Love to say "bonk" when I am bonking the food!!!! 

Congratulations for trying out Unity! You made a game with it!!! I will say it needs more work on it as the depth perception make it hard to move the ice-cream in a 3D environment. The game concept is good and fits in the theme. I am proud you made and participated in this game jam. You can only continue and grow from here.

Trying to manage memorizing the food on the belt and moving the player ways tricky but that is what fun about it. The player was so slippery and it also contributed to the difficulty of staying on the correct tile. It was fun to play! The music going faster as the game progress adds to the stress levels hehe. 

This is the cutest cozy game!!!! Love that it is a 2 player game. The audio is so funny especially the second player scene, it plays so well into the awkward wonky theme of the slightly messed up image in the bento box. Here is my picture! 

It was very hard to move with the arrow keys and aim with my mouse while also trying to shoot with the space. I felt like I need 3 hands. If you can also make WASD as the movement keys it would make moving and shooting easier. 

Love the little Dorito chippie!!!! The game play is so cool, I need to match the chip to the safe zone. I do want to say the turn is to sensitive and hard to make smaller turn adjustments. I died many times because I could not turn to match the safe zone area.   

Food and patterns you got that all in the bag! Using a rhythm game is a good way to use the constraint as part of the mechanics. I lack the skills to play this rhythm game properly but the art, music and mechanics are fantastic. I do think the food piling up on the chopping board makes the next coming beat/note/food hard to see. I Love that the background items jump top to the beat, it adds so much to the atmosphere. 

Love the level design and puzzle game elements. I managed to complete all the levels. Please make some more! I think this just need more polish in terms of UI and Art but the main mechanics are all solid. 

I have a skill issue. ;( It was so hard for me to control the mouse and jump on to tables and benches. The darkness and the storm added to scary atmosphere. Cat is scary! Me mouse parent need to feed me babies!!!

You have used patterns and incorporated it into the game play which is so cool. The art is so cute! It was tricky to manage two avatars but that is where the fun is in this survival game! PROTECT the AVO and TOAST!

This is a very solid game for only 2 days of work!!! There are so many types of mechanics put into this and it is so polished that you can publish this with just more content and levels!.  The art and music is such a vibe, so cute and cozy. Love all the level design.  

Meat man! Meat man!

Love the concept of moving on the beat. It was hard for me to get use to it but I manage to get a hang of it in a while. 

Meat man!

Meat man!

Meat man!

The art and player movements are so polished. This 100% gives the retro vibe you are going for!

This was such a great combine and match puzzle game! I do find the conveyor belt made my eye crossed over, it was hard to see. It was tricky to click and drag to match the items when they are moving. I used the strategy to have them pool  at the end and then match them. I did not notice that I needed to complete the orders in first come first served bases. 

Love the art and the concept!

Love this memory game! This is a sold game play It just needs polish. The Pattern constraints was used very cleverly into the game play mechanics which I think it a big Plus!! 

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Love the Music and the art!! It is so cute. I manage to finish the game the boss battle was hard but I was so happy to complete it!! I found it hard when I don't know why I keep getting stuck and I cannot move but I manage to finish the levels. 

Thank you so Much for this supportive messages!!! <3 <3
Although I am not submitting I have now found and fixed the bug. It was just a file name spelling mistake!! (>~<). So mad that I could not submit in time due to this but I am proud of what I have achieved. Please do play my game and give me feedback on it though. This jam helpped me get myself familiar with HTML, JavaScript langues and also using Phaser V3 the game engine again. It was fun and I had a blast making this game as insane and old school flash game vibe as much as possible!.

Also Look at my pixel art!!!

Love the this haha playing it again. Last time I play was game jam submissions, the music, art choices are chef's kiss. the simple game play and concepts work so well together. Good job man!

The switching between the smaller world and the bigger is such a good idea. And the mechanics of it runs so smoothly. The Colour pallet is so cute. The puzzles are done well and work well as game play with the big and small world switching mechanics. Good Job!

Love the Little flea it is so cute. The colours also looks good Purple works so well. The jump mechanic is cool the flea is able to double jump in the air which I fine cool. I love the tail that follows the flea.

Love the art style and the audio it is so cute. The ship is easy to use but it was hard to know when to fix the ship and if it did any thing when I tried the spacebar. I don't know what to do in the ship. 
Love the colours you picked it works well together.

hahahha this punching game is so funny! I K.O. ed all the little Italians and there are not more to punch. I wish I could punch more. I pushed them all on to the road and the car drove into them and pushed the dead guys away. 

The game level and mechanics feel really good! 

Good game. The transition of the mechanics and game play is very smooth!

lOVE THE hORROR AND The ANIme GirL is PrfecT!! 

Cool game love the ghost theme and the monster boost is genius!!the tutorial is also so good, it helped me understand the controls and mechanics better. 

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Dev notes:

- Increase gravity 400. 

- Increase jump -400