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hahahahahaha, wellllllllll that's gonna make it was more fun haha. I'll give it another try this weekend :)

Thanks! Megaman was the inspiration for sure, that was my favorite game franchise growing up :) We are from California, USA

Oh haha ok. That felt like a death screen, and i couldn't understand what it was saying haha. PLEASE make like a 3 hours experience of this game! We were cracking up while playing it. Unless you've got other games with this art style/voice over stuff?

I got in the fish tank, and then got a hilarious animation screen. But wasnt it a death screen?

Woah! all the other meshes were hand made? I swear the way your description read was "Megascans used", which makes it sound like it was used for everything. You should totally make it clear that it was only for the mushroom head because thats a shit load of other work that will be glanced over if people think it was just scaled up megascans. Great work then on all those assets :)

Thanks man! ya we will work on the control snappiness a bit more after this

Hmmm, you are probably right, we could zoom out a bit more, then just zoom in for cinematics. Definitely would allow you to see where you are going a bit more. Thanks for the critique!

For sure. The movement could be a bit snappier for sure. And thats what usually gets people killed haha, so its something we will look into. THANKS!

I ate the MOON! and then on my second time i went into orbit, and never came back down hahaha. Damn i wanted that floating cat. Hilarious game, the artwork is amazing haha.

Fun multiplayer! ran really well, we played many matches, i won all of them hahaha. I am the CATURNAUT CHAMPION! OF THE UNIVERSEEEE

WOW! A lot of work went into that game for sure. Loved the animations of the level changes, all of the artwork and particles were amazing, and quite the challenge. Well done

Very cool unique experience, that ending was trippy. I love rythem games, and this one was a nice smooth experience. loved the artwork and the visuals.

I really liked the artstyle, really cute. The controls were a bit on the clunky side, and I had a real issue getting passed some areas too where i could time the jump because i could see the objects ahead of me i was trying to avoid. I wanted to continue but i just had trouble getting further into the level due to that

Great Game! We had a lot of fun playing through it. Artwork was great, cant wait to have my son play it :)

Im sure its a decent infinite runner, but i could not get a grasp on the dashing over gaps. I kept dying. Visuals looks good tho, sorry i couldnt get further into it

Ok..... What? This was amazing! but....... you couldnt accomplish anything? If this was an actual game, with goals, this could of won! the artstyle and audio was hilarious, and i could have played a game like this for hours. But there wasn't anything to do haha

Liked the worm, nice casual game. Slow mo did me more harm than good tho haha

Wow this games astmosphere and ass pucker factor were at a 10 the whole time. Even those creepy as hands that followed me haha. Great jump, i screamed out loud a few times i will admit

LOVED the art style. Wished the main character moved a little faster, that walk animation made me laughed haha. But solid game, loved the enemies look too, specially that big one.

Ok, aside from HATING the range and collision size on the Mushroom monsters, This game was great. The atmosphere and lighting was amazing. Who knew those megascan objects could still look good that blown up to size. and the platforming felt really nice. Definently in contention to win this megajam.

"yeeeaahh". Great visuals, well dont making all those 3d assets in this limited time. Game was challenging, but just enough. The controls were a little clunky, and the need to grab double jump got me killed numerous times, But i got to level 6, well done.

Hmmmmm. Visuals were great, which is why i downloaded. However, played it multiple times, and couldnt figure out what to do. Pressed Y on just about everything, with nothing happening. and on the second play through, the WASD player controls no longer work, but was still able to crouch.

Looked cool, but my buddy and I couldn't figure it out.

Ummmmmm huh? I tried to play this, but had no idea what to do, or where to go, and just kept dying in the water stuff haha. I tried sucking up the glowy things but it wasnt really working for me. Atmosphere was cool tho

Damn, how has no one commented on this game yet? This was legit. Even the menu system was purrrrrfect. Super fun to traverse the level, art was great, this is a real contender to winning this megajam.

Alright, my buddy and I played it, don't really know how i won, but did. Even tho he killed me like 3 times apparently and was a digging beast. haha. Cool visuals

This was a solid and fun puzzle game. Great art style, and an ending i will remember. Not sure if it was a good ending or bad, did i kill myself to be with my master?

Decent fall/foward infinity game. Visuals and music are sweet. had a good time playing.

Really great intro, and totally a death stranding parody. However i didn't buy death stranding, because I didn't want to walk around all day, and thats what this is too haha. However, looks great, plays well, just didn't have the time to finish it right now.

And i have NO idea how someone from your team got all packages in 4 minutes haha

Thanks WhatupDre! We tried to be "funny" throughout the experience haha, hopefully the jokes landed ;) Yaaaaa there was no time for that boss, in actuality the entire game wasn't even originally supposed to be a platformer, it was supposed to be an action fighting game with multiple enemy types. But due to time constraints and some hurdles we had during development, we had to pivot the entire experience to a platformer to make sure we hit the deadline :)

Thanks Qooorti! Ya we wanted it to feel like a metroidvania style exploration. Where you need to move around the level to find where you are blocked, and know you need to find an item to get through. Hopefully it still felt smooth for you tho, and ya the 7 day time constraint, to do all of the artwork and animations by hand, and complete beginning to end coding/blueprinting, we submitted with only 15 minutes left in the deadline haha. We will have time to iron some things out in the future, and will rerelease this when we have ironed out some more bugs.

Thanks SOL! Ya it's definitely a little harder than for the casual player, and in a full game there would be more time to ramp up the difficulty over time instead of so quickly in the beginning. But if their is enough good feedback on the game and people want more, maybe we will continue with it and make it a much longer experience.

Thanks TonyRumble! We appreciate your feedback. Ya there wasn't a lot of time to iron things out, we submitted literally 15 minutes before the deadline. But we have already taken a bunch of issues people had playing, and fixed them for the re release, to hopefully have a smoother experience.