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I really enjoyed this game and the fact that all the moves could be manually undone by just rearranging the blocks some more. It made solving the puzzles more fun since I knew I couldn’t get the pieces stuck somewhere I couldn’t get them out from.

This was fun. This game and That’s a Warp are my 2 favorite games in Hempuli’s covemountlike game series so far.

There's also this 3 minute walkthrough video I found in the comments on the post about this game on Bart Bonte's website:

I enjoyed this game a lot except for the secret bullet dodge style temple because it seems like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the game which is a casual puzzle game due to that section being a precision top down platformer. That section existing surprised me because this game isn't anything like the Tower of the Scorched Sea or Temple of the 4 Serpents and both of those games have hazard dodging sections and boss fights like the secret area in this one does.

I played and completed this game on June 4th 2021, 2 days after it released and wanted to leave this comment giving my thoughts on it because this game is one of my favorites Ferociter has made so far. (My thoughts on the game are below the video in the comment) I even uploaded a video of me completing the game to my YouTube channel:

I definitely enjoyed this game, Tower of the Scorched Sea, a lot more than the Temple of the 4 Serpents mostly because I was actually able to beat this one although it took me about 3 hours to do so. I definitely think the most annoying part in the whole game is the timing puzzle with the 5 pressure plates in the section that introduces the blue light. I really like the uniqueness of the sun boss fight and the victory cut scene. The boss fight took me a few tries to get the right volley of attacks but didn’t take me nearly as long as the hard puzzles in the blue light section. I definitely give this game at 10 out of 10 overall.
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I enjoyed playing all 40 levels in the game and calculated the max highscore to a little over 11,260 even though my personal best was only 1,310. I found the jungle theme to be the easiest and the desert theme to be the hardest.

This was a fun game.

This was a fun game and I'm glad I played and completed it especially since I like frogs.

Competor has started uploading a walkthrough of it on his channel in this playlist the 5th video in the playlist is where part 2 starts. Two important things to note is that Competor is from Japan, so you will probably need to use translated subtitles if you want to understand what he's saying if you don't understand Japanese; and that as of the day I'm posting this reply, 5 of the videos aren't public yet but, based on the upload pattern of the previous parts, I believe it should all be public by January 15th 2023. I might wait for someone else who speaks english such as Joseph Mansfield to cover the game unless I'm desperate to find out the solution to a certain puzzle.

This is a fun game however, some of the timings are too tight for me to be able to beat the game.

I don't think it's possible to get back there after you have collected the rocket boots because there's no control that lets you drop down through semisolid platforms. The room I'm talking about is the one below the 3rd screenshot.

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Thanks for the tip. i figured out that it's because you can blow up the block it's on instead.  Incase anyone else is wondering how to do that, click view rest on this comment.

First you have to move gas can on the 9 down 1 space and then blow up the block it's on.

Ok, so how do I get across then?

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I can't figure how to solve B18 after it was changed. I know I don't have to destroy the upwards conveyor belt from reading a different comment but still have no idea what to do. I believe I need to get one of the explosive gas cans away from the left wall and use it as a platform to stand on to get to the next level but I feel like the method I'm trying to use where I blow up a block in the upper right portion of the nine to get a space to push the other gas can forwards isn't possible because I don't have enough platforms.Image