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Folklore Jam community · Created a new topic RPG Specifics

Are there any specific requirements for the game type beyond "tabletop RPG"? Any system / custom systems? What about more conventional board games, or some kind of RPG-board-game-hybrid?

I ask because I'm interested in games that are similar in spirit to RPGs but that de-emphasize the actual roleplaying aspect, or RPGs where there's less/no distinction between players and game masters, and other sorts of variations on the typical format.

So, I guess the question is how far can I push the definition of "RPG", or what are the essential elements of an RPG for the jam's purposes?

Score Wars Game Jam community · Created a new topic Out

So, unfortunately, this has been a busy weekend what with Easter, and I'm not going to finish in time. I'm still going to post my game, hopefully in a few days, separate from the jam. Would there be any way to see it running on the arcade cabinet afterward, or would that no longer be possible after the event is over?

Thanks to everyone who organized the jam, though. I probably wouldn't have come up with the idea otherwise.


What is the size of the cabinet screen in inches?

Also, I understand from the documentation that the aspect ratio is 16:9, but do you have exact pixel dimensions?

Does the cabinet's joystick have a limited number of directions?

I know on the front page it says "everybody wins". Does that mean there will be no voting or ranking?