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Arcade Cabinet Sticky

A topic by subliminalman created Mar 27, 2018 Views: 317 Replies: 15
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Seeing as this is a game jam that is arcade focused we have an arcade machine that you can deploy to! To submit to use the arcade cabinet please follow this documentation (NOTE: you can ignore the How to Submit section and just submit your game through itch. No need for the XML data)

If you have any questions about the arcade cabinet please post them here.


would this be required or just a option?

Jam HostSubmitted

It is an option, not required


ok thanks

Does the cabinet's joystick have a limited number of directions?

Jam HostSubmitted

It's an 8 direction joystick, so if you have unity you can pull from Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") and Input.GetAxis("Vertical") which will give you a -1 to 1 value.

Also I just tested the right stick, the vertical might need to be inverted.


The above link on the page, to download the  arcade cabinet config files for Electron is broken, links to "foo"
I'm trying to set up my HTML game to work on the arcade machine .  Do I need the config files to set up my controls, anybody got a good link? Thanks

- Zach.

Jam HostSubmitted (1 edit)

Hey Zachary,

Sorry about the broken link!

Here's the direct files you need.


Arcade-Electron For Pico 8

Also the links on the page are fixed as well! Thanks for letting me know.


Thanks a million!

Jam HostSubmitted

Thanks for finding the broken links :D

What is the size of the cabinet screen in inches?

Also, I understand from the documentation that the aspect ratio is 16:9, but do you have exact pixel dimensions?

Jam HostSubmitted

It's a 27 inch screen if I remember correctly. The resolution is 1920x1080



I just finished my game (in Unity). Hopefully, it can also be played with the arcade machine :) If not, I would love to have some feedback to make it work!

Jam HostSubmitted

For sure!  We have to get ready for the stream so most peoples games may not be played on the arcade machine.


Actually, I just realized that I made a mistake ... I implemented a global / internet leaderboard and the documentation of the arcade machine specifies no network connection. I can make another version of the game next week if it is still possible :)