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Reece Bridger

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Thrilled to have been a part of this - finally started playing and everyone is fantastic, the whole thing has come together so well!

Bump :)

S'up, Itch-ers! My name's Reece and I'm a writer and voice-over artist! I'm professional, trained and enthusiastic about my craft, and I've joined to connect with passionate game developers and to help make their ideas come to life!

If you're interested in seeing some samples of my work, please check out my demo reel here and my résumé here. I keep the latter constantly updated with new jobs so it should be completely current whenever you're looking at it.

In the past ten days I've lent my skills (or agreed to) to 16 developers, and I'm not stopping anytime soon :) Interested? Add me and send me a message, or contact me through social media or email! It's all on the résumé!

Key Info

  • I do my best to make sure all agreed VO assets are recorded and delivered withing 48 hours of receiving a script. Sometimes things happen, but 24 out of 25 it'll be done. I will not, however, agree to do VO if I know I can't meet a deadline :) I don't disappoint people like that.
  • I unfortunately cannot work on fangames for copyright concerns. It's a bit of a grey area, even if it's freeware, and I'd rather just not get into that.
  • I also cannot perform impressions in video games for the same reason; I can use characters and people as a reference, sure, but I can't be JackSepticEye in a YouTuber RPG.
  • I reserve the right to turn down a project (original or not) if I don't believe a certain par of quality has been met.
  • If a game my voice is in is to be released for profit, I need to receive some adequate compensation for professional reasons; I'm negotiable and don't charge through the roof, so don't worry.
  • If a game my voice is in is to be released as freeware, I will most likely be willing to do it for credit! That said, ten bucks for my time wouldn't go amiss, hrm-hrm-hrm! (This includes games for game jams and contests!)