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this is a pretty cool game, interesting concept, the gameplay was nice and i liked the puzzles. personally, i wish that the puzzles could've been a little more complicated, using more cameras and other elements, but the game is good, and the only thing i was sad about was the three levels and the anticlimactic ending, i was really enjoying the game by the third level and once i finished it i didn't expect to go straight to the menu screen. i get this is a game jam though, and i know the struggles, so overall i enjoyed it, do hope you guys decide to work on this a little more after the game jam however

22:07, could've done it quicker but had to do something in the middle of playing it. really fun, smart thinking is necessary too!

well just saying it's the windows version not the mac

i mean if you actually looked at the image up close you can see the windows version being downloaded