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Hi, thanks for this great plugin. I'm using Rpg Maker MZ, it works well (reproduce a random bgm music) but when the first music ends, music loop this first music (all music loop amount options are in 0) or stop and music doesn't continue. Command plugin for enabled not always works (sometimes nothing happens). Any idea or possible solution, please.

I refer about numbers below animated sprites

No chance, my project has characters, and the empty (new) project has the default characters with the  three images. I attached a screenshot about font size.

Im basic in english xd, i mean they doesn't appears. Yes, i attached it here

Hi Bluemoon, i bought it today, i have a problem, i am testing  in my rpgmmz project (also in an empty project) and in both cases i can't see animated battler sprites (in any resolution). Please, any idea or solution for this? 

Another problem that i notice, if the font size of the game is big (for example 40) it is showed over the name of parameter.

And for last, i would like to suggest that command window and stats window would be bigger in high resolution, because it left a lot of empty space. I hope you can continue developing this plugin, thank you.

Thank you, it works in MZ. But the message "plugin JLP_CustomKeyboardInput.js may not support rpg maker mz plugin" appears in the plugin manager. Please could you do something to avoid that message

Thank you so much for this free assets.