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That worked!  Thanks!

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I just purchased GM Live and I'm not doing so well.  I'm using Windows for now.  Would like to get it working on my Mac but for now just trying to make sure I'm using it correctly on a platform I don't have to fiddle with.  

I have a room with the GMLive Object and a controller object that creates other objects in the same room, initially within the create event of the controller.  So I put the live_call() at the top of the Create Event of the controller object.  I figured that wouldn't work well since that event would only be called once in the game.  So I added a keyboard event that would restart the game with game_restart(), hoping that would trigger the create event again and load the changes.

I made changes to the code in the Create Event (just changed a color setting), saved and nothing happened.  Is there something special that needs to be done for supporting Created Event code? Or do I need to add more live_calls within the created game objects?  Or something else?  Thanks.


Hmmm... I see.  I don't know GameMaker well enough for doing tricks but if I were to do this in Photoshop, I would just change my noise layer to Multiply or Luminous and use the clipping to force it to the shape of the main sprite.  Couldn't you use something like:  sprite_set_alpha_from_sprite() to clip the noise sprite to the same shape of the main sprite and use gpu_set_blendmode_ext() to achieve the blending mode by drawing the main sprite with it's alpha setting and then the noise sprite with an alpha setting of 0.1 to combine them?  Or is that too slow?

Would creating a sprite with several frames of static and then just blending the two together be faster?  It wouldn't involve shaders and still be fairly simple.