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Your travels have brought you to Hudristania, a land of mountains and mist. There you discover that villagers are being terrorised by a vicious monster, and they turn to you to save them. Will you be able to survive this harsh land and bring an end to the tyranny oppressing the people, or will you succumb to temptation?

Written by Paul Partington with art by Chris Lawson.

460 entries in a just in time for Halloween gamebook for the Dragon Warriors RPG.

Updated 16th September '23 with a discrete copy of the back cover map of Ibrahim in a larger format.

32 pages of all new content for the DRAGON WARRIORS RPG in the eleventh issue of CASKET OF FAYS.

Cover by Chris Lawson inspired by:

The Adventure of Aunty Crookback from this issue.

Jason Pearman makes his debut in the Casket, with an encounter based on the laws of hospitality. And being hag-ridden.

Ooh. Very nicely done. Tunnels can be quite terrifying. That little tiny glimmer of light at the end becoming a mere pinhole in the darkness..

Red Ruin Publishing presents the eighth of its fanzines for the Dragon Warriors RPG.
Casket of Fays #8

A Dragon Warriors Fanzine

Excellent. I'll look out for them. Ta.

Very impressed. This has ticked a few boxes. Are you going to be at Dragonmeet? I crave a physical copy of this before I bring to the table in January.

That Discord that I hear about, is it a Patreon only jobbie, or are there invites going?

Dare you enter the Catacombs of Dust? Deep dark danger surrounds you! Will you succumb to foul demonic sorcery or will right prevail?

A solo adventure for the Dragon Warriors RPG for a character of 7th Rank.

Download here: