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It's kinda on purpose

Clickteam's engine

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Is there any way to change the move delay? The guy moves too slow for me (not on the conveyors, but when just walking around)

Only for mere mortals like us

Every time the "PARADOX!" screen shows up, I imagine the Strong Bad Email "DELETED!" sound, since I've been watching a lot of that lately

I'm not really sure what makes this like Covemount

You've taken the game, and stripped it of literally everything that makes it recognizable

I agree

Their name is apparently Cove Monty

I previously said this one was the hardest, but that's because it's so similar to Lorgeban, which I formerly didn't beat

Playing the previous games helps with that

I think he said on his Discord that it's just for fun, and to push himself

you mean Mountinuum?

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The teleport antennae are very unintuitive at first glance

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And "hook, line, sinker" is stumping m- whoops never mind, I got it

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I will note that the "some objects have different appearance but are actually the same" mechanic, like with the pink equals-sign boxes VS the blue boxes, is unintuitive

I wan the game

There's a settings menu to change it

I played up until Rotate The River and loved it

It reminds me of Turbowarp for some reason (that's a Scratch mod)

This is fun

This is so good

do you need something

This game is pretty cute, I like how squishy the player character looks, they don't even have arms! I do note that the game can't seem to decide what genre it wants to be

I really "like" the sarcasm here

I figured out what the mouse does in this, but only a little

I love the sarcasm here

The art improved so much

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Honestly, this might be better if it wasn't Minecraft, considering how loosely it connects sometimes

Some world maps have a lot of empty space, and the level Magic has a useless "Ricochet" word

Thank you! I also feel like I chose the music really well!

Controls are a bit odd, why does it make you press Z on the title

Like, our own versions of the "2" and "X" icons you mentioned

I think we should be able to draw our own pencil things

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I can't flipping see! Who turned out the lights!? Everything is black except the UI!

Update: Fixes itself when I exit full-screen, strangely

Okay, so turns out Settings isn't translated properly. Thank goodness for translation errors! I fixed it!

HELP! I booted up the game, and it showed a menu. I couldn't see the text, so I clicked randomly. It booted into the game, but it has the wrong language! If I restart, it just boots into the game with wrong language again! What do I do!?

Hey, the "hack" button seems to be leading to the wrong page

Correction: Your goal is to make rabbits wear hats

So your goal is to wear a hat? Awesome