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Wow! This is just what I was looking for. Thanks!

I've played a lot of game similar to this and I think this is a strong entry into that genre even with how simple it is. The relics were really fun in how they changed which letters I picked and what words I made. I really liked the names of the enemies too.

Thanks for playing man and thanks for the comment. I'm working on an update for it that'll add new monster path finding. A pick up that'll temporarily point you in the right direction. The move speed when the light is on has been changed to match the speed while in the dark. A breadcrumb system so you can keep track of where you have been and a few more scary encounters. So I hope you'll come back to give it another go once the update is out. Thanks again for playing and the feedback.

It's fun. Really simple concept. It's like a puzzle game that doesn't feel like a puzzle. Makes me have to think without smoke coming out of my ears. 

First, thank you for playing.

Everything below will be spoilers.

 So honestly the game could be won in under 3 or 2 minutes. Most of the stuff in the apartment is just for scares or distractions. The only things you need to clean up are the boxes, cans, and trash bags. After that the closet boy shows up like you’ve seen. And clicking him with the cross is what gets you the good ending like you have been. Clicking him with anything else or just nothing will result in the bad ending. There is a handful of events that are rare or require certain actions to be taken and if you want I can give you a list of them so you can check them out. 

Thanks again for playing and leaving a comment. 

Fantastic pack! Is there a place I can find the pallet you used?