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Done. Thank you for the guidance!

Having played through to what I might guess to be the "end" as it were, I have the following feedback:

  • I really liked the seagulls, nice versatility, but please, find additional use for the feathers (maybe an arrow....)
  • Please include something to shoot the seagulls with (maybe a bow...)
  • I did enjoy the upgraded version of the tools; with that in mind, I would really like to see an additional tool:
    • boarding hook - think of it!  Being able to hook those drifting vessels and pull them closer, especially when you have a crosswind pushing you away.  Or how about in multiplayer being able to bring your friend's ship closer during a rough storm!  Or act like a pirate!
  • More recipes; possibilities off the top of my head:
    • Battery + Upgraded Spear = Shocking Spear (stun  that shark!)
    • (If a bow were to be implemented) ingots + arrows = copper-tipped arrows (1-shot that seagull or maybe damage that shark from a distance!)
    • Scrap + Rope = pseudo-barbed wire (rope) - maybe keeps the shark at bay for a few attacks
      • Add a battery to this and BOOM!  electric fence!
    • Sails - how about adding an upgraded type?  I feel the need for speed!
    • Wheel - now you can turn your sail but you won't have to be standing right next to it!
      • Gasp!  What if you added a rudder?!
    • Possible  ingot recipes:
      • Gears! - see wheel recommendation.
      • Pounded copper plate - Eat that salmon in STYLE!
      • Add a source of zinc, combine with copper, and now you'll be  able to make BRASS .
      • Weights - wear them when diving to sink faster and then take them off (drop/lose them) to swim up.

I hope this gets the creative juices flowing.  My son and I are greatly enjoying the game and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow!