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Pues el hecho es que estoy haciendo un fanfic y quiero compartirlo con las personas de habla hispana (básicamente porque está en español). La historia trata sobre Yugo y sus aventuras y romances después de la 3ª Temporada. Además estoy haciendo otro paralelo con mi personaje del juego.


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Hi again. First thing i noticed that the journey to hell was almost an exact copy of the template of the engine. So my first question is, did you create all this game? Lets say that yes you did. The level doesn´t restart when you fall. The game doesn't end when you reach the green cube and you can't exit from the game. The physics are ok and the challenge is quiet good. Keep working on it, i would like to see the final game ;)

I agree

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I have played some games of BxB GxG and that stuff but the end was always quiet weak. The end of this game is just really good. I don't say perfect because the story seems to go around the same ideas three or four times, but anyways, the end is quiet strong, the story is very well-constructed and the lore of the game is quiet interesting. The only thing that I have missed is a little more of space for player decisions, but is ok. 

With this, I don't want to say that is the best game of its kind but it does a really good job with the relationships. The weakest points would be, that Kotoha is very easy to get along with and that the player hasn't much choices.

Nice game. Because of the political weight I don't think that it will become popular but is very good and without bugs or bad things. Nice work

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This game is funny, yeah. Untill day 80 or 70. After that the only thing to do is to replace stands and upgrade them but, I feel like it needs some changes. First of all it would be awesom if there was a "Fill all the stocks" or something like that, to avoid being too much time filling them yourself (it takes a few seconds, but they feel like hours). Then we have the end. I imaging that to complete the game you need like or very expensive stands or make a lot of money in overall, so the fact that I've been jumping days without anything in stock may have affected. As I said there's not much to do after you complete all the construction spaces or seen all the stands. Few more customers, stands and may be challenges (like, you need to purchase something before a day, or a special customer has to be satisfied or something) will make the game more enyoilable in the mid-late game. However, I have had fun with it and is great to be able to say what I think after more than 1 hour in high speed and after 100 days. I haven't seen much bugs, just one, the stock of a stand appeared -1 so...

One thing more: the stands are very balanced and the type of customers too, something that is very good to see in a tycoon.

Great game, anyways.