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Hey Basikilos! Really sorry, we are working on it this week! We will definitely let you know when we get that up ASAP :)

Hey Cryptic Hybrid! We just released the version 4.0 demo and would love to get your feedback again. Thanks!

Hey Basikilos, you may have downloaded the previous version (version 3.0). Please re-download the newest build (version 4.0), which was the one we showcased at PAX East. It was uploaded today 4/9/2017. Thanks for checking us out!

Awesome! Our goal is to have that out in the next couple of months!

NOTICE: The current demo version on this site is 2.0, we plan to release version 3.0 (from MAGFest) within the upcoming weeks.

Thank you so much! This video you made turned out great! Can't wait to share more!

Looks really cool, and love the art style. I'll have to download this and check it out!

Hey thanks! It's much appreciated. We are currently working on a pitch for publishers, so cross your fingers for us!