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Thanks for your feedback! You can just hold space in the air and then dash down to trigger super jump every time :)

Thanks a lot ^^
To be honest when we saw your game we basically lost all hope to win haha (its very cool)

I really do like the idea but its a little short haha

i true modern day art piece, the likes of which we havent seen in a while. outstanding

sick! Thanks for your comment ^-^

hehe yeah

Alright after actually having played it i gotta say, not bad!
It could use some music but that's fine.
Id say this is a pretty solid submission!

Hey thanks for your Comment ;D
Oh yeah you have to destroy as much planets as you can!
You can change how your rocket moves through its fuel (thrust making you faster, duck making you turn easier, etc)

oof that really sucks
Can you build a windows version so we can play it?

Waited for quite a bit but it just wont load :/
sorry but i cant play this one ._.

I combined my bones

The game feels really nice but its kinda missing a theme :/
Still good job tho

Really cool concept!

Really well made game!
Good Job!

Im really bad at these kind of games but it seems really cool!

The visuals look so surreal, like something you would see in a feverish dream.
I love it xD

Pretty nice jam game ^-^

Woah this is awesome!
Its a bit jittery but thats not really a problem. The controls feel amazing!

I really suck at the game but it feels really nice to play ^-^
Good Job!

Id say this is a pretty solid Jam Game :P

Oh sorry, never happened to me lol

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You can try different fuel combinations to find the best one for you! ;D

EDIT: If you go below 50$ youll get more money

Hey thanks for your comment! :D

You can upgrade your fuel tank over time!

For the first upgrade youll need 400$ and it costs 300$ ;D

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i did the same thing lol
thought they meant the same thing

EDIT: looking through Wikipedia Astrology does seem to have something todo with Astronomy so i think it shouldnt be too bad

well youre only allowed those two colors ;D

Hey peeps,
we're currently working on our submission and thought about post processing.
Is post processing allowed? because its technically not 2 colors?
Thought id ask so were not breaking any rules :D

Very nice game :P
Got stuck on the last level for a while lol