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good work! keep at it

Great game with lots of potential.
+ Graphics (especially the: background, virus, scanner-light, lightning)
+ Gameplay concept the idea of dodging things
+ Warp mechanic
+ Controls

- Music could be better
- Level design because some spaces on early levels are really slim and hard to get through
- Difficulty too high on early levels

This story seems very dark and mysterious, with a lot of potential, is this a work in progress or a complete project?

Lots of Potential keep going!


+ Simple but nice graphics.

+ Accessibility of the game.

+ Sound effects

+ Controls

+ Guide


- Difficulty: enemies move too quickly making it too easy for you to die. 

- Collision masks/hit-boxes are too big in general.

- Music

- Length of demo (though I assume this will increase)

- Name of the game (imo)


o Make the collision masks/hit-boxes smaller

o Slow down the enemies

o Make/use better music

I played the tutorial first. Then I played story mode up to quarters of the damned.
- Appropriate difficulty
- Random level generation
- General level design/layout
- Graphics are simple but well drawn and consistent/matching
- Graphic - animation of spells
- Gameplay concept: turn-based strategy game
- Tutorial
- Story makes game more interesting
All these aspects incline me to play the game

- Music
- No sound effects
- No ability to skip player's turn

Despite there being many pros, the cons weigh heavily.
This game is fun but I would be inclined to play it longer if you added some better music (that also better matched the atmosphere) and sound effects.

All of the visual is great and goes well together, especially: the main character, platform and background. 

I found there wasn't much to do in the game other than refill your red timer and pick up scrap.
Still I think you should continue this game! Best of luck with this project! Keep us updated here.

Played your game a couple of times, the further-est I got to was past the first gate. It was reasonably fun, mostly because of the great art and level design. These were positive aspects of the game.

The biggest letdown in your game is not the controls, it's actually the music. Improve the music and the game will be even better imo.

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Here is a gameplay review I did for you!