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Congratulations to the Winner!

My favourite got 4th place, so I'm happy with that :)

I think the more elaborate the original phrase the more will change. I've tried it with 
"We would like to make you a generous offer if you can reciprocate."

And ended up as:

"Report of the service is performed."

This could prove to be a lot of fun :)

Hehe, Armageddon alongside Ten Candles were sort of the inspiration :)

We seem to have had similar ideas :)

You might be. I still have about 15-20 to read and rate. Did not comment that much though..

Shouldn't you roll UNDER the ability score to succeed? It doesn't make sense to roll over, otherwise each success makes you worse at what you've just succeeded at. 

Probably a typo, I assume.

I like it, but is not clear to me what you do with the matches.

Nice dice mechanics! Very elegant :) 

Thanks! I was going for something that would create a full story in a one-shot.

I like it! This would be fun to try it out.

Your format seems broken. Maybe you want to check and re-upload while there's still time.

OK, good to know, Uploaded the first idea I had.

Is that allowed or is it one game per user?