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Hey everyone !

Pay Respects, our Early Access First Person tactical shooter / multiplayer war simulation just had it's new update, the V0.9.2 !

Pay Respects is a first person tactical shooter / war simulation game playable on windows 64 bits and Linux (coming soon).  

 With a simple, tactical and realistic Gameplay, Pay Respects is meant to agree to every type of players, as it returns to the fundamentals of the Hardcore First Person Shooter.

This updates features multiple changes to the game, from bug patches, new in-game content, to new maps and mechanics :
We modified the render settings of our game so it looks very nice now, patched all the bugs encountered, added new gamemodes, maps, patched the in-game VOIP chat, and fixed multiplayer / servers issues !

For the occasion, Pay Respects is free on for a week ! Once you have redeemed it through and sent us an e-mail for your free game key at you keep the game for life ! :)

Don't miss it !

See you on the battlefields soldier !


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Hello, welcome on my topic, 

I'm Rec0re and i'm from Rec0re's Studios,  i am the developer of Help or Die, a visual novel 3d plaformer massively multiplayer videogame. 

Help or Die has been released today on Early Acces and it's in development. 

Help or Die is on sale in, it's really not expensive and it's not free only because we need to pay good multiplayer servers for you, players :) 

We've created a new type of game, the platfotmer royale, wich is the mix between plaformer 3d and battle royale. 

Without any weapons and violence we made a game for all ages avaliable on Windows. 

Help or Die is made of pure multiplayer and cooperative gameplay. 

For the launch of Help or Die Early Acces, the game is on sale ! -55% ! With this sale HoD is at the symbolic price of 1$. 

We will organize some competitions with prizes :) 

If you wants more informations, go on our page :

Here is one of the Gameplays trailers :