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bc the creator is generous

High score (for now) - 29

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Question about the RDRPG project featured in the screenshots: Where is it?

Hey, did you know you can add non-steam games to Steam and use controller configs if you launch the game via steam? Basically, if you add it as a non-steam game to your steam library, any steam compatible controller can be used for the game. Also, can't afford it but looks nice.

... chrome doesn't work... unity web link doesn't work... i got android...


*a month ago* is it good now

Or get the exe runner for lynix

download the rom one, then retroarch

how does one start game?

I have some other games in the works and the game is on the back of the priority. Once I release the 4th GB game, i might update it.

How does this work?

Hey! Thanks for the advice! The games will be, together, one narrative! So if one game is short, that is a short chapter!

this is a good game. as good as my newest game, wich some call bad, some call good.

You could have it so that you get 2 sets of 255. 1 set is the wallet and the other is the Bank Bags (once you get to 255 in wallet, it adds 1 into this and it would reset the wallet). But I did't mess around with that. Also if you want to have it so that it keeps going, make it do it one coin at a time and have it read the random number and do it that many times.

e.g. you have 250 gold in wallet and 0 bank bags. You get 15 gold from an enemy. It counts up and now you get 10 gold in wallet and 1 bank bag. You reset back to the 250 gold, 0 bags state. You kill the same enemy but this time, you get 5 gold. You now have 0 gold and 1 bag.

But I haven't made a game with a money system yet so... i don't now about this.

I have made a 3 levels game using GB Studio. -

I credit yous in the built in credits (at the end of the game).

maybe have two, selectible types of gameplay. Smart AI and Dumb AI. Or have Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties


I got into this spot and held the down arrow / s on this level. I won a bit after this.

I also played it and I challenged him to beat my score of 2 deaths. Spoiler - He got 3.

Here's my video - 

Can I join?

The anne and grass swapping one was a tutorial for the swapping of things. It's more intense later on.

i have made a mod on itch of this version.

rebateman is low on ideas

rebateman needs help

here is mod

plz help

So... this is basically in the title but i am running out of level ideas. there are too many things i can't think of or have done. i need help. send ideas to me please.

looks cool. but for some, the single dollar is a problem. wish it was in a bundle. or had a free demo.

This is about the 1.3.0 version. Do you all want to get a limited time demo?

Chat about the jam.