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Unfortuantly i havent had the time to make a new demo video with the new features. the current video you see is from v1.1 and doesnt show near any of the features that have bee nadded sine v1.2.1 though you can see the amount of customization you get just by looking at the inspector script. i do plan on creating a new video demoing all the features in the near future. Although its almost complete there will also be a price increase to adjust to the complexity of the asset itself. Im running a sale at the moment for an early bird discount while the asset is fully functional and not missing any required features to make beutiful loading screens.

what you get with this asset

Custom coded Audio controls
Tip System
Loading Bar/Wheel  & Text style system
Fade Sytem 
Transition System
Background System
Input for PC & Mobile Devices
Pulsing Text
Async Loading & Hybrid Fake/Async Loading with simple animation curve editor (Additive & Additve merge Loading for those complex projects coming in the next update)
Templates & Overlay effects
Custom Editors
Source Code
Drag & Drop Templates
1 line integration into your project or use the code free prefab to load any scene

Fine tune control over each of these elements

Thank you for the feed back

I  don't think similar assets offer as much customisation as this and the average price is around $10-$20 on the asset store.  At the moment it is on sale for $6.50
Currently it supports 2 loading modes, Asynchronous and a Hybrid  Async/Fake loading, with additive and additive merge coming in next update and more features in the future. This also has a custom built audio controls to play during the loading screen which can make those other purchased audio assets work nicely. when they dont have a fade in or fade out effect. ADLS can handle that issue for you.

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On Sale Now 35% off 
Sale ends 16/03/2019

Original Price $10
Sale price $6.50

Demo Link

Advanced Loading Screen is an asset i built for the unity asset store to help developers decrees the amount of time needed to get the right loading screen in every game. with built in unity UGUI their is no extra learning needed. just call a method and you can be changing scenes in style in no time.

Advanced Loading Screen is an Asset built specifically for the unity game engine.

Supports unity 5.6.5 up till the latest version of Unity 2018.x


-One line integration
-Asynchronous Loading
-Fake Loading with simple Animation curves
-Display random game tips & tips by duration
-Built on top of unity's native UGUI
-Custom editor
-Easy to use, easy to extend
-Drag and drop ready for any project
-Smooth transition between scenes
-Option to press any key or specific key to continue from loading screen
-Fade in/Fade out on scene change
-Background audio during Loading scene with fade In/Out
-Multiple background options
-Game tip system
-Mobile Support
-Developer Logs for easy debugging
-1500+ Lines of carefully crafted code
-Included overlays for those who want to use game screenshots for a quick loading screen

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