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Strange, default-looking assets? No shot cooldown and it's a part of the game mechanic? This game brought me back to a really strange place. Love the menu art.

Thank you for such a thoughtful response!
There is no objective. We were planning to let the player deliver packages to other witches living in the kitchen but ran out of time.
As for the camera, we were aware of the difficulty in control but I couldn't figure out a way to fix it. We're just a couple of artists so looking for a programmer is on the top of our list.
There's a lot of good feedback in here we'll be thinking about. Thanks for playing our game!!

Thanks! I really enjoyed playing, it's a great game so far.
I noticed a bug where it doesn't let you get 100% on the Rehearsal. And at times, the notes are so close together and the "hit" box is so large, it feels like the song is playing itself. It'd be cool if there were special notes that had a shorter hit box so they could be placed closer together without removing the immersion, but that's just my two cents. With the exception of those two nitpicks, the game plays very well. Awesome work, hope to see a full version in the future!

Awesome, thank you! Looking forward to playing the game.

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Hello, the mac version comes as a folder with no way of launching the game. I tried to run the "Stagefright_v.06" inside [Stage Fright Mac Build/Contents/MacOS] But it told me that there were no programs that could open it.