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A developer cartridge found in my attic.
Submitted by RealPotato
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It's a refreshing change of pace to have a game from a 3D console following the many NES and Gameboy style games (of which I am a guilty contributor) . After all, the N64 and such do fit under the jam restrictions. That said, I don't think this does a great job of invoking old school games. The texture resolution is way too high and the draw distance is way too far to look much like any sort of early 3D game. The models have a reasonably low number of polygons so I guess it's somewhat authentic there.

The controls work pretty well and having a functional 3D platformer for a short jam is quite impressive. It's fun exploring the environment and trying to reach new places. I'm not sure if there was a goal or not but I had a lot of difficulty reaching one of the higher shelves so if there was an end I didn't see it. The main thing this is missing is more camera control. You can use the mouse to aim the camera up/down but not left/right. I suppose you might have been aiming for authenticity by not using the mouse, but there were better options. Perhaps the directional keys to move the camera would feel like a good representation of a d-pad/analog stick from a retro console game?

The lack of authenticity aside, the graphics look quite nice. I like the character model of the witch and it's cool how the game takes place in some sort of large kitchen, with stuff like plates and cheese as platforms. The music was good too and I enjoyed listening to it. Some sound effects would've added a bit more life though.

PS: Since the game needs both files to run it would be better to package them together in one zip file


Thank you for such a thoughtful response!
There is no objective. We were planning to let the player deliver packages to other witches living in the kitchen but ran out of time.
As for the camera, we were aware of the difficulty in control but I couldn't figure out a way to fix it. We're just a couple of artists so looking for a programmer is on the top of our list.
There's a lot of good feedback in here we'll be thinking about. Thanks for playing our game!!