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Reality Blind

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Hi! We have released a new version of the game with more levels and a lot of new things, give it a try if you want :D

C'est bien lui 😄 

La version Linux est disponible ! Nous n'avons pas réussi à tester les manettes (Linux est encore un peu flou pour nous :p) mais tout devrait fonctionner si vous savez comment faire :)

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Hi ! We updated the game a few days ago, you can check the changelog here ! :D

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This game is fun and look really great! So polished, impressive performance for a Ludum Dare submission! Great work guys!

Thanks a lot ! 

We only had time to create the music but not the sound effects sadly, but this is planned to be added in an upcoming update !

We will see how to implement a level / wave difficulty (highscores will be stored too) :)

Amazing job on the art ! I just don't get how to fill the heart (or is it always full ?) and it's too repetitive, anyway a great submission for a LD !

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Thanks a lot for your support, we're actually watching it :)

We're glad you liked it !

A great game with wonderful graphics, good job guys !

The best pixel art tutorial I ever found, amazing job !

Nice game !