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In a horror game/series, the reason I get scared is quite literally because of the jumpscares, but that's it. I like horror games but I don't get 'afraid', or feel different after playing/watching

But this one was different; I got nervous and genuinely tensed, not because of cheap jumpscares but because of the actual content of the story. Even now 30~ minutes after finishing it, I still get chills. I did not read the comic yet, something I'm going to do as soon as I finish this review, but it seems to have even more content than the game, which gets me excited and scared at the same time

Can you put any of these games on steam?

Something I would like to say about the NSFW at least from my experience.

There are no explicit nudity sprites (the no clothe sprites have no genitals), and the sex scene with shin has no CGI, it's literally just a black screen with narration. 

About the MC: There's also no sprite of the main character for some reason, human or not. Which is kinda fine but it would be nice to see how MC is even in just a scene. Also, in the original shin's route there's the kiss CGI that's an incredible moment, which is also lacking.

Actually the problem is that there's no CGI at all. When the characters are doing something different it's just said, not shown

Smoke Room is pretty good though

I've been following this VN since 2020, but I still love it

Just because there isn't other 10/10 furry VN's doesn't mean you can't enjoy some 8/10 or 7/10

Will Artemi have a sex scene?

Based on my experience with the game, here's my answer:

Cole (Hyena) is the dom, he usually power bottoms but he sometimes top

Sidd (the shy canine) is a total sub, unless he gains a lot of confidence through the story he's going to keep being a pushover that bottoms everyone and don't know how to lead

Thank you so much for explaining! This not only helped with this patch but many other patches that didn't work in the past before

I use Winrar which to my understanding, unzips automatically, so I can enter the Xissai-pc folder and run the game without needing to extract anything

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Oh wait, I need to extract the game? I thought you just needed to run the exe. Do I need to extract everything?

Sorry I don't understand your question very well

Assuming you're asking if anything different happens, when I run the patch, everything happens just like in the guide video. But when I open the game, it doesn't work

"In particular this game contains: Light Violence, Nudity, Swallowing the Player Character"

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I think something is wrong. I tried to install the uncensored patch, but it doesn't seem to work because when I open the game again it's still censored

edit: I think I understood the problem but I don't know how to fix it. For some reason, the uncensored patch does NOT replace the regular censored files the game has

I have a question, how far do you want to take this game? Like, do you have an 'ending' in mind?

Don't take me wrong I love the game and it's contents, just wondering

Lust Doll Plus is a remake of the original Lust Doll, with more content, balancing, cheats and it also has toggeable events related to different kinks

Then why it has the 'nudity' tag on it?

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The only thing Inu is related to SHELTER is the species, and mana

I finished the game and loaded the auto save and this happened:

If it´s not much to ask, but could you put this game on steam?

What about nudity?

I don´t know if I´m stupid or just blind, but I can´t go beyond the intial stage, there´s only 4 places for me to go


Path to the initial village

Initial village


How I unlock more places?

Also, I have a hateful relation with thieves and wolves, if it helps

Is there any way to get the character naked?

You know, after playing 3 of your game (Substance of Kin, Interview with the Whisperer and 1145) I can say that while I love your games, it´s mistery and the art (specially the art) I am a bit angry/sad/annoyed at the fact you act very similar like Valve

Make awesome games with a big cliffhanger at the end that will never get a sequel

Is it NSFW?

How much control does hector has over flesh?

Can he change other´s peoples bodies?

Can he make him make his owner live longer/being superhuman by messing with cells and stuff?

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Can I punch the Bradbury guy? He´s even worse than the dragon

Also, when we will see the rest of MC´s body? I want to see him exposed or at least, topless

So, just to be sure, this is a update only in mechanics and bug-fixing, not a update related to the story (like a route, new character or stuff like that)

there is a english version?

There isn´t such a thing as a part-time job where you live?

Thank you for the help, i appreciate it

I really hope that you get enough money to buy a new tablet, because i look forward to this series

I´m stuck after making him shirtless

There is something more? If yes, how can i do it?

The 1st route is complete?

If not, how far it goes?

Can someone explain to me the lore? I'm confused

this game will be on steam?

Thank you

May you put this mod on steam? 

okay, thank you for answering

When the next update will be released?

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It contains sexual content?